Picking a name for a new dog

Once you take your cute new dog home, the first thing you will need to do is to choose what name to give to it. Amazingly, this seemingly easy task might be difficult for some, even though it shouldn’t be. If you are facing a difficult time picking a name for your new dog, here are tips to help you find a suitable name for your pet.

One option would be to choose a name that suits its physical characteristics. For instance, if your dog has a dark fur around its feet, boots might be a suitable name for it. Spot is another popular name you might want to pick, though you may not consider it unique for you. If you seek a pretty easy way to choose a name, although it is easy to name your dog simply by the way it looks: socks, boots, spots etc are all suitable names for dogs.


Another way you can name your dog is to go by the conventional way. Lassie, Bruno, and King are all conventional names given to dogs. This might not be the most creative way; however drawing inspiration from these conventional dog names will significantly narrow down your list of possible names for your dog. It will make it easier for you to explain how you got a name for your dog.

Book characters, movies and television also make good names for pets. Lassie has come to be a conventional name for a dog, but you could also give a name to your puppy from your favorite Television show. Norbert, Fang, and Fluffy are animals in Harry Potter books which have become favorite names among children.< async src="//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js">

Odie and Marmaduke are dog names from cartoon strips which can be great names for your dog. You are not obligated to use only dog names for your dog; you can name your dog after any novel, movie or TV character. For instance, fans of Star Wars may name their dog Chewbacca after the famous Wookie or Wickett, after the cute Ewok.

If there are two puppies you want to name, you can pick a duo for them. Old Dan and Little Ann or Thelma and Louise are great pair names from Where the Red Fern Grows. There are lots of these duos you will find in literatures, movies or television, and chances are that you may have come across some of them.

Another option you can explore is to name your puppy after a famous politician or celebrity. If you are politically inclined, you can give the names of the incumbent lieutenant governor and governor of the state you currently reside to a pair of dogs. You can also name your dog after the mayor of your city, president or vice president of your country.

At dognameideas.com you will find tons of names which you can give to dogs. You will never run out of ideas again as to what name you want to give to your dog.

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