Want to know more about me?

Hi and welcome to my website, which is not only purely about my favorite breed of dogs, Goldens, but also about many other facts and interesting information about dogs in general.

My name is Nicole and since I can not remember not having a dog in our house, I can hardly imagine my life without them. When I was young, we used to have at least two or three dogs and the history is continuing even now, when I hafe my own family.

We did not only have breed dogs, but also half-breed ones, because they can be even more loyal and easy to teach. I took them for a walk and take them running with me when I went to run through the forest and since I live quite active life, I have always been choosing dogs for more active type of personality and such characters have also had all of my dogs.

Now that I have my own family, we have 3 dogs, two of them are Goldens, while the third one is a Beagle, a houndog. Since I work from home, I have enough time to take them for a walk three times a day and they accompany us whenever my family and I go to vacation.

I can really not imagine myself not living with my dogs, as they are our equal family members and even my children got attached to them. All three dogs love my children, play with them and I know that having dogs is very good for emotional development of my children.

I hope this website will help you understand Goldens more thoroughly and give you new insights in raising also other breeds, since I wrote many articles also for people who are deciding what breed of a dog they should choose.

If you would like to share with me any of your own experiences with dogs, our you would like to send me pictures of your dogs, feel free to contact me at info@mygoldenretriever.net and I will be glad to answer you in no time.