Pet care: Recommendations for all life’s emergencies

Was in the Dog Fight

Quite often there are fights between same-sex dogs of big and small rocks. If, after the fight the dog is in a state of shock, looks depressed and lethargic, experiencing pain, immediately call a veterinarian and drive it to the pet veterinary clinic. Inspect the wound and, if necessary, wash them with warm boiled water. If a dog of small breed received severe damage and can not walk on its own, be careful when transporting, it might hurt the spine or the sciatic nerve (the careless transportation to the pet veterinary clinic can cause even greater damage as a result of which the dog will remain paralyzed for life, even after appropriate treatment).


Injured the eye

At loss of the eyeball out of its socket, gently apply a wet compress of the room temperature. Do not let the dog touch the eye with the paw, it can damage or scratch it. Immediately call a veterinarian to your home, do not drive the dog to the pet veterinary clinic, because it is very important not to trouble the dog. If the eye was damaged with chemicals, wash the eyes of the dog with the running water of room temperature, and consult with your veterinarian from the pet veterinary clinic, the dog will probably need treatment with the help of eye drops.

Is drowning

Take the dog from the water and remove all the debris from the mouth and nose of your pet. Take the dog by the hind legs and turn upside down to let the water flowed out from the lungs. If the dog is not breathing, give artificial respiration: sharply, but accurately, press 5-6 times on the chest of the dog, and then tightly squeeze the dog’s mouth and inhale 3-4 times air through its nose. Once the dog will start to breathe, take it to the pet veterinary clinic, because possible complications.

Was bitten by insect

When the bite of wasp, bee, etc., try to pull out the stinger immediately. Wash the bite with warm water and apply a bandage with ice to help to soothe the wound. If it is impossible to remove the sting, for example, it is in the mouth; urgently deliver the dog to the pet veterinary clinic, because the sting can cause swelling that can cause suffocation.

How to give medicines to the dog?

Open the dog’s mouth; try to put a pill in the center of the tongue as deeply as possible. Then close the dog’s mouth and stroking the dog’s throat, until the dog will swallow the pill. If you see that the dog licks its nose, then most likely, the dog swallowed the pill. Encourage your dog – the next time it will willingly take medication. You can also try to hide a pill in delicacy, for example, in a piece of cheese.

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