AKC German Shepherds Home

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds of dog, maybe even the face of dog kind in mass media. And even though they’re all over the place, humans never tire of them. They make great pets, ever-loving and loyal and so, they’re very much in demand. What’s more in demand are pre-trained pups that are well-behaved and easy to follow orders. That’s where AKC German Shepherds Home comes in.

AKC German Shepherds Home is the perfect place to purchase pre-trained German Shepherd pups, specifically bred and trained for sale, yet raised as family members. No worries in failing to train them when it comes to basic commands, and they’re even potty trained. No worries with the kids as well as they’re trained to get used to children.

AKC German Shepherds Home pups make perfect pets right out of the kennel. Right from birth, the puppies are trained to be comfortable in social settings with different people. In about 8 weeks of age, they’re able to quickly adapt to their prospective homes. As mentioned, the pups are potty trained and have the instincts to keep their environment clean, and are remarkably self-sufficient when left alone as long as their needs are provided.

AKC German Shepherds Home is a family-owned business, and the puppies are highly sought after in North America and Canada as well as in Germany. Purchasing their puppies is quite easy, but the owners need to be certain about wanting and being able to care for one. Once purchased, the puppy will undergo vaccination, registration, pre-flight checks and then shipping, not as a box from Amazon but as a visiting family member waiting at the airport, complete with a luggage of toys, a homely blanket and a bag of free dog food.

If you’re looking for a pet German Shepherd, one that’s loving and practically hassle-free, look for one, or two at AKC German Shepherds Home.

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