Simple Steps To Transform Your Yard Into A Dog-Friendly Space

Just because you have a backyard doesn’t mean it’s the ideal place for your pet to hangout and have some fun. In fact most yards are not actually dog-friendly. As a responsible pet owner you’ll want to make sure your yard is. So here are some easy ways to help you transform your outdoor space into one that’s both safe and convenient for your canine to enjoy.

Give Pests The Boot

When re-vamping or creating an outdoor space for your pet it’s very important to make sure that you protect your pet against pests. While pests come in many forms fleas and ticks are two which not only can affect your pet but you as well. In fact ticks are well-known for carrying diseases such as Lyme disease which can be transmitted to humans and cause a range of serious health issues. Because fleas and ticks often live in tall grass you will want to make sure you keep your lawn trim and short.

You may also want to spray down your lawn, garden, and yard in general with a flea and tick repellent. Just be sure to make sure it is non-toxic of course. But don’t forget to protect your dog as well with a flea repellent collar, powder, or special gel that is applied directly to your dog to keep any remaining pests from wanting to attach themselves to your pet.

Increase Safety Dramatically With Fencing

Since a safety is of the utmost importance when creating a dog-friendly yard you’ll need to make sure your yard is secure. And the best way to do so is with a fence. Although not any fence will do, in order to keep your pet safely inside the confines of your yard the fence you choose will need to not only be sturdy but also the correct height.

That way your dog can’t easily jump over it and escape. Keep in mind some intelligent canines will use the help of objects in your yard that are close to the fence to help them get over it. And some breeds or individual dogs may attempt to dig under the fence. If this happens to be the case you may need to install chicken wire or wire mesh so that it is buried underneath the bottom of the fence.

Easy Access With A Doggie Door

Once your yard is secured properly with a fence you may want to give your pet unlimited access to it. You can do so by adding what is popularly known as a doggie door. A doggie door is a miniature size door that allows your pooch to go in and out of the yard and home as he pleases and without you having to open your actual door each and every time.

Because they need to be pushed open by your pooch, doggie doors also automatically stay shut so as not to let in any rain, snow, or other animals. A doggie door may not be suitable for every pet however. Whether you add one or not will depend on how much you trust your individual pet since some canines need supervision at all times when outdoors.

Your Pet’s Very Own Bathroom Space

An important yet overlooked part of a correctly planned doggie-friendly yard is an established bathroom space. You will have to train your pet to use it though of course. Positive praise and treats can be a big help with this. Having an established bathroom space will help your pet from being confused about where it’s okay to use the potty. And more importantly it will prevent your lawn and yard from becoming a stinky mess.

Boy dogs naturally raise their legs and pee on upright objects. So owners of male dogs will typically add a pee post such as a dog fire hydrant to their outdoor bathroom space. A fire hydrant for dogs will give your pet a place to pee and also mark his territory. And therefore it will help to prevent urine damage in unwanted areas as well. Because they are hollow some handy owners actually use them to create a fun dog fire hydrant sprinkler or fountain for their pets in other areas of the yard as well.

Create A Spot For When Things Get Hot

Because dogs can’t sweat to help regulate their body temperature when they get hot, they will need a place in your yard to keep cool. This is particularly important in the hot summer months. It can also be imperative for certain breeds that have thick coats or that are not physically well-adapted for warm weather such as English Bull Dogs among a handful of others.

Although regardless of the breed all pets should have a place to cool down after some vigorous play or backyard fun. Dog houses can provide shade and so can a simple shade cloth, tarp, or shade sail that is strung up over head.

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