How I got my Golden Retrievers

It is interesting how a human can get attached to an animal, even though it can not speak, or do many other things that people can. But animals, such as dogs are, can be even more loyal to his owner than any person can be. It can listen without interrupting or shouting back to you, it can also sympathize, sit down with you for hours without getting impatient and it will never betray you. My family and I used to have dogs before we got our Kai and Delta, so we kind of knew what to expect when we decided to adopt two Golden Retrievers from the animal shelter. But we could never imagine that these two little creatures will give us so much love, joy and stronger family bonds! They are both a true treasure and I still remember one summer Saturday when we decided to drive to an animal shelter, where they had two little golden hairy balls. They were found left in a wood, where some person left them in hope that they will die quickly by being eaten by a fox or maybe even found by some other people who were coming there for a walk. Since they were found quickly enough, they were not too hungry, they only had a few ticks and they were yelping for someone to pick them up and gave them a shelter.

My Golden Retrievers Kai and Delta

Since we were regularly checking the website of this animal shelter, we found this information about them getting two Golden Retrievers from their e-mail, which they are sending every other week and informing people who are about to adopt a pet about new animals that were found. Before that Saturday my family and I sat down at the table and had some really serious talk. We already had a Beagle and since there were already one dog at our house, we did not want him to be insulted of getting new incomers into our house. But since we knew that animals can get use to each other even quicker than people can, we all decided to give it a try, because we all wanted to adopt at least one Golden Retriever somewhere in future anyhow. Well, there were even two Golden Retrievers at once waiting for us to pick them up at animal shelter! So, that Saturday we drove there and saw those puppies playing with each other, not knowing what future will bring them. They were amazing healthy little creatures just waiting for someone to give them all possible love, shelter and care. And we agreed to take them home with us immediately. My children were truly unbelievably excited that day and they fell in love with the puppies in a second.

My Golden Retrievers

They could not even fell asleep because of the excitement and they kept walking down the stairs to our living room where we kept our new family members in a big open box with a blanket and two pots with food and water. We also prepared them a crate with lots of old paper in case they defecated or urinated, since they needed to do that after each meal. And when the first night was over, we excitedly started to train my Golden Retrievers Kai and Delta the very next day by taking them out on the grass yard, with all prepared toys, balls and gum bones for them to be able to play with them. And so our new chapter of adopting our Kai and Delta began. Do you want to know how it continued? Well, be back soon, as I am going to tell you about all the adventures of our new little fur balls very soon.

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