Grey and White Cats – The Color of Cats is Linked to Their Personality

If you are planning to get a cat as your pet and you don’t know which breed to consider, you might want to use cat’s color as your basis for preferences. According to studies, there’s a link between the cat coat’s color as well as underlying personality traits that might help in picking the kind for your needs. You might love some white cats, yet grey colored ones might be better for your requirements. With this in mind, why not get grey and white cats instead? But, before everything else, what should you know about the cat’s color and why it is linked to cat’s personality?

  • Grey/White Cats

While most grey cats are found in several rural areas, cats with grey and white fur are found in city’s feral areas. Such cats may be quite clever and resourceful. They’re great mousers and very active. But, they’re typically less affectionate compared to some colored cats. Grey and white cats also make many friends with other cats and humans.

  • Gray Tabby Cats

The domesticated cats nowadays actually descended from a group of African wildcats thousands of years ago. Such cats were gray tabby cats, which resemble African wildcats found today in the wild. Feral cats are often found in rural areas across Europe and USA typically have the same fur pattern. Commonly, these cats are a bit solitary and have the tendency play in an aggressive manner. They also love hunting their prey and might be hard to keep these cats indoors.

  • White Cats

Majority of pure white cats are prone to congenital deafness and most blue-eyed white cats are born deaf sometimes. Usually, they have skin disorders and poor vision. For this reason, white cats are a bit timid and will follow owners around the home. But, not every white cat is deaf.

Each cat has different traits, no matter what the color of the fur or coat. It depends on how cats are raised or what kind of household they live in. The level of attention and care they get from their owners can also affect their personality. For you to choose the right cat for you, it’s essential to take every aspect of ownership into consideration and look for the one that you would want to be part of your beautiful family.

Are Grey and White Cats Suited for You?

Grey and white cats are the common choices of many people for some reasons. Regardless of your needs or preferences in cats, these cats can be an ideal option for you. There are some known breeds of white and grey cats. You can choose any breed of this color. But, make sure to deal with the right cat breeder for you to ensure that you will get a healthy cat. Knowing about how grey and white cats should be fed is also essential. With this, you will be able to know what you should or not do to make your grey and white cats healthy and happy.

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