Vet Dispense

Most pet medications sold in the United Kingdom are prescriptions-only medications (POMs). They are supplied to doctors and veterinary wholesalers by manufacturers who in turn, sell these medications to pet owners. In the UK, POMs are more expensive than other parts of Europe.

In the United Kingdom, some service institutions for pet education are run by nurses who provide medications for pets by visiting the pet owner’s houses. Their services are targeted at pets such as cats, dogs, fish and bird and their services are available throughout the entire year. The service providers cover places in the United Kingdom on a case by case basis.


They offer injections, oral medications and topical medications. They normally charge a small amount for administering injections. When the need arises, they will take the pets along side with them to the veterinary surgeon. They can also suggest prescriptions as regards food to be taken by the pets. They also provide initial consultations for free to new pet owners.


These veterinary service providers do charge an extra amount for additional number of pets. Consultation sessions have to be booked in advance by pet owners. One-half of the cost is required to be covered as security deposit at the time of initial booking. The remaining part of the cost will be received whenever they will visit the homes of the pet owners. The money can be payed either by bank transfer, cash, cheque or by availing credit facilities. When they arrive the homes of the pet owners, they can go as far as tidying up the cages of the pets, record the activities of the pets, and give water and food to the pets.

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