Training Golden Retriever puppies

My Golden Retrievers, which names are Delta and Kai, are truly an amazing dogs, not just because they are my dogs, but also because they have great character, temperament and are very obedient. Obedience is one of the main characteristics of this breed and since this breed also likes to please their owners, it is no wonder then why training Golden Retriever puppies or adult dogs can be a true pleasure for all family members. Before I got Delta and Kai, I already knew how to train and raise them and they were 6 weeks old when I brought them into our house. In this article I am going to give you a couple of tips on training Golden Retriever puppies, since these cute little fur balls grow really fast and since socialization and also training is very important for dogs, especially during their first 3 months of living, you will need to train them manners, obedience and also activities. check links . These three trainings are crucial for puppies, as they will remember for the rest of their lives what they learn in this period of time and this training will also develop their temperament and behavior.

Training Golden Retriever puppies

The dog school, which my two Goldens attended, gave them a good foundation for further training at home and I would suggest attending the dog school to all dog owners, especially if you want a well socialized dog with good manners. Training Golden Retriever puppies will not eat your nerves, especially because they will love to please you and everyone around them. They will obediently retrieve all sorts of toys, gum bones and wooden sticks, as Goldens are born retrievers. Since Golden Retrievers are very intelligent dogs, they will remember everything quickly, as they also have good memory. If you want your Golden to be a good dog, you will have to teach him general behavior not only around people, but also other animals and pets, house breaking, as they must know that there is only one place in the house for this. Another part of behavior training will also include leash training, if you want to go to the town to a crowd of people and not only this; there are also other situations he will have to adopt and learn how to behave when they occur.

Fun training Golden Retriever puppies

Since my Kai and Delta are really well trained dogs with good manners, there is almost no situation they could not manage. As for activity training, it is easy to guess that all Retrievers love retrieving all sorts of things, also herding and searching, rescuing and you must never go outside with them, not having at least a small ball or a wooden stick, so that they can actively play with it. I know that this activity training positively affected my training of Golden Retriever puppies and I would definitely suggest you do the same. If you would like your Golden Retriever puppies to listen to you and obey all your orders, you must teach him obedience. Obedience training is crucial for executing your command, so joining obedience training will make positive effects on both; you and your dog. But before joining this type of training, I would suggest you first start behavior training, as this training Golden Retriever puppies is something all owners of this or any other breed should first take into consideration, if they want to have a well trained and behaved dog.

Easy training Golden Retriever puppies

You should also know that once you enroll any obedience training, you will have to attend it regularly and you will also have to determine first, what is it that you want your dog to learn, because puppies, no matter whether we talk of the same or some other breed, are different by their temperament and character and some will learn faster, while some slower and some will excel at some specific training skills, while some others will excel at completely another ones. There is more I could tell you about training Golden Retriever puppies, but I am going to save the rest for some other time, so be back soon!

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