The Dog Bark Collar: Getting Your Concentration And Focus Back

Barking is a natural aspect of a dog’s behavior, and they do so either in defense, fear or offense. But when barking becomes too frequent or too loud, both owners and neighbors can begin to resent the dog. You may be familiar with this situation if you have a dog that just won’t stop barking, keeping everybody awake at night. Barking varies from dog to dog and from breed to breed, with some dogs naturally barking louder than others, but it’s always your responsibility to make sure that your dog doesn’t bother the people living with you or around you. You have the options of training your dog, having someone train it, or simply get best bark collar reviews.

The dog bark collar is the most cost effective solution for reducing the barking of your dog until it’s no longer a problem. There are three different types of anti-bark collars to choose from – the ‘Citronella’ dog bark collar; ‘electronic shock’ collar (or E-collar); and the ‘ultrasonic’ dog bark collar. These three types of anti-bark collars have proven highly effective in significantly reducing or stopping dogs from barking continuously.

The Citronella Spray Collar

This dog bark collar is designed to automatically spray the dog with Citronella each time it barks. The citronella oil is quite common in products where a strong smell is needed, like certain perfume products. Just like they dislike perfumes, dogs dislike the smell of citronella, which makes the collar quite effective.

The Shocking Collar

This collar is one of the most well known ones. It is electronically wired to deliver a mild yet harmless shock when a dog barks too much, and features several shock levels. After the first bark, the collar will give the dog another, more intense shock after 30 seconds if the dog continues to bark; this is because a dog’s skin is more resistant than a human’s and it might not have felt the first shock. The collar’s shocks will grow in intensity until the dog stops barking or it reaches its highest intensity level, when it will shut off, the reasoning being that by this time, the dog is trying to communicate something really important.

The Ultrasound Collar

The ultrasound or ultrasonic collar corrects the dog’s barking by emitting a sound that only dogs can hear. This collar’s advantage is that the sound it uses is harmless to the dog and doesn’t add more noise to the dogs barking.

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