A Safety Net for Your Darling Pet

As the old adage goes, dog is a man’s best friend. For so many dog owners, this statement is more than just a tired cliché — it’s the absolute truth. Dog owners love their pets like the dearest members of their own family. They care for their dog’s every need, and they provide them with food, shelter, comfort, activity, and more. Day in and day out, people and their dogs are together as loyal and faithful companions. But unfortunate as it can be to think about, there are plenty of accidents and ailments that can befall our four-legged companions and many of them are analogous to the same perils we face in our own lives. And, just as there are safety nets to help provide for humans in crisis, there are insurance plans to provide for our canine companions in their times of need.

Insuring a Pet

Insurance acts as a kind of financial safety net that makes sure the party under contract will be able to receive adequate treatment in the event of an accident or illness. For humans, health insurance is a standard part of life in the modern world, but for dogs it is unfortunately less common. However, providers like Stoneways Insurance are well equipped to provide high quality dog insurance at affordable rates.


These plans are fairly simple, operating just like a health insurance plan might for a human patient. When an owner wishes to insure their dog, they can simply contact Stoneways Insurance to arrange a quote. Once the company has assessed the individual case, they will provide a price, typically in monthly increments. If they pet owner agrees, they can pay either monthly or put down additional payments in advance. Once insured, any veterinary bills will be assisted or paid entirely by Stoneways Insurance, with the details depending on the specific contract worked out before purchase.

Saving Time, Money, and Possibly Lives

Veterinary bills can run extremely high, especially in the event of an emergency or an unexpected situation. When this arises, it can be exceptionally taxing on pet owners’ wallets and mental well-being. Unfortunately, when a dog finds itself in an emergency or accident with an owner who cannot afford treatment, the consequences can often be the death of the animal. While not a financial burden that is typically an enormous emotional burden for the pet owner to bear.

For this reason more than any, having quality dog insurance is a great investment in the health of your beloved pet. It also allows you to rest easy and know that even in times of great duress or when funds are tight, Stoneways Insurance is there to help provide the care your animals deserve. Taking the time and effort to insure a dog can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on veterinary bills over the animal’s life time, allowing the animal to live a healthier and possibly longer life without breaking the bank.

Here to Help

Stoneway’s staff is devoted to helping each client and taking an interest in the well being of each animal under their services care. Their specialists are experts in animal insurance and are well suited to handling the specifics and intricate details of the field.

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