Puppy Worms

Cuddling and playing with your cute puppy can be the best feeling in the world. However, that feeling can quickly fade if you find that your puppy has worms.

Simply put, the presence of puppy worms is not attractive. It is, actually, highly repulsive. The good news is that it is perfectly possible to treat worms in your puppy.

Origin of worms

So where do worms really come from in a puppy? Well, the fact is that worms can be considered as an inseparable part of puppy growth. A puppy gets worms when it is nursed by its mother, from the mother’s milk.


Common worm types

Roundworms are the worms that are found most commonly in puppies. They look a lot like how noodles appear after they are cooked. The presence of hookworms in puppies can be said to be quite common, too. Hookworms are worms that have teeth, using which they attach themselves to the intestines of a puppy. Sometimes, a puppy can suffer from the presence of tapeworms, as well. Tapeworms usually get inside a puppy via contaminated food. Note, however, that the presence of tapeworms in a puppy, although not impossible, is quite rare.

Harm worms can cause

Worms can cause harm to your puppy in many ways. For instance, if your puppy has worms he may feel discomfort. When hookworms are present in a puppy, it is common for the puppy to suffer from anaemia, as hookworms feast on puppy blood by attaching themselves to the intestines. So, if your puppy shows signs of having anaemia make sure that you contact your vet as soon as possible. The presence of other kinds of worms may lead your puppy to suffer from various health conditions, too.

Treatment options

To eliminate all worms present in your puppy, it is important to first determine which worm types are present in him. There are tests which have the ability to do exactly that. After that, you can trust your vet to take further action. Usually, a puppy de-wormer can work wonders when it comes to making your puppy free from worms. While the safest thing to do is consult your vet to pick the right de-wormer, these days many safe over-the-counter options can be purchased from both offline and online stores.

Exposure to worms can prove to be dangerous for your puppy, and so, you must attempt to de-worm him immediately.

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