Puppy potty training tips

Once you have a puppy, no matter what breed it is, you will sooner or later have to reconcile yourself with a fact that your dog is a small living creature which eats, sleeps and also eliminates, therefore many of you will probably need to use some puppy potty training tips. When my Delta and Kai were still puppies, we used a couple of key elements in potty training them. I knew that consistency and timing is the key factor, if you do not want your dog to eliminate all over the house or in the area where he lives, while I used praise whenever my two dogs did what I wanted from them, that is when they went potty and did not eliminate wherever they wanted to. Not many animal lovers know that a puppy can not hold his urine because his bladder muscles are not fully developed yet and do not function yet properly, that is why it is almost impossible to make your puppy not to pee, when he must to. Therefore these puppy potty training tips will not only help you in not having to clean the poops and urine all over your flat or house, but they will also help your dog to live more stressfully and happier.

Beagle puppy potty training tips

So, if you would like to accomplish puppy housebreaking, you will have to teach him to urinate and defecate to one spot outside his living space. If you think he can do this somewhere in the area of your flat, such as on the floor of your bathroom or living room, where there are no carpets, but you have tiles which are easy to clean, then you can find him one spot where he will go each time he needs a potty break. You must, however know that once you he defecates in this area, he will continue to return to this area whenever he needs to. Puppy potty training tips include also one great tip, which is to have on your mind that is the best, if you can leave your pup go outside to potty. This will takes you let him out every hour and you will have to make sure you leave him outside to potty before you and he goes to sleep. And you must also know that the first thing your puppy will require from you when he wakes up, is letting him out to relieve himself. It is the best that you teach him a morning routine, so you should be the first one who gets up, which can at the same time be a signal to your puppy that it is time also for him to go potty. zipcar site down . Some very useful puppy potty training tips also require you to thoroughly observe your puppy during the whole day, because there will definitely be some signals you can recognize on his face and also his acting.
Puppy potty training tips
You must know that each puppy has to relieve himself after a meal, such as after dinner and you must not be surprised if he urinates more frequently during summer and other hotter months, as he will probably drink more water during these months. There is one clear signal you will recognize with your puppy when he sniffs the floor; when he does this, he is probably searching for a place to poop or urinate, which is a clear signal that you must take him to potty. If your puppy sleeps in a crate, you will have much easier job to train him go potty outside the crate, because dogs do not like to sleep where they eliminate. One of the best puppy potty training tips you should know is to never scold him after he defecates where he shouldn’t. Instead of this you should always scold him when you catch him in the act, otherwise your puppy will not know what he did wrong. And if it happens that he defecates where he should not, then properly clean the floor to remove the odour, so that your pup will not defecate there again.

Pup puppy potty training tips

You must also know that you should always cheerfully praise your dog once he defecates where he is supposed to and you should also cheer him to defecate, once you train him to go potty. You can use some words, like “now outside” or “go outside”, if you want to train him go outside to do a potty and you can use different phrases to encourage him to do potty, once he is outside, such as “now potty” or “do potty” when you want him to urinate, and use some other phrase when you want him to do a poop, such as “poop” or “ do now”. In a couple of months you should successfully potty train your dog, which will make happy both, you and your dog.

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