Professional Dog Training is Pawskeeping Approved

While puppies and dogs benefit greatly from professional dog training, it can also give pet parents peace of mind and help them focus their pet’s attention to avoid some common pitfalls such as, chewing the furniture. Our pets are like family and as part of the family, they can be taught to follow certain structures. A professional dog trainer can show you how.

Benefits of Dog Training

While professional dog training has a number of benefits some of the most basic are providing a foundation or basis for any activity or behavior you want your dog to do or not do. This isn’t limited to puppies, it can be a lesson at any age. This foundational training also minimizes a dog’s potential to exhibit behavioral problems. However, a professional trainer can point out any specific issues and can advise on what’s best for you and your pet.


Dog training commonly involves basic behaviors such as potty training, chewing, greeting guests, walking on a leash, and coming when called. As puppies and dogs become trained in these good behaviors, they can enjoy fully being part of the family by going to children’s sporting events, going with you to visit family and friends, getting to join the party when company comes over, and going on hikes, swims, and anything else the family does together.

However, the best benefits of dog training are the end result. Dogs stay with their forever families and the training builds a mutual bond enriching and enhancing the relationship with their pet parents.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

As much as you love your puppy or dog, sometimes you need your space. This is when you may consider dog boarding in either a kennel or an in-home dog boarding service. While a kennel has resources in place, it takes your dog or puppy away from his or her home or comfort zone. However, if your pet has special needs, a kennel or controlled environment might be the best option.

Recently, in-home dog boarding has become popular and can keep your dog or puppy in a situation similar to their regular home life. Similar versions include having your pet go to a trusted friend’s home which is key for providing them with individualized attention.

Whether you’re in San Antonio or New Braunfels, there is a place for your furry friend.

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