Pet insurance

Nevertheless to say that we all love pets. We love our pets and we care for them and we want what’s best for them. Therefore, we pay $50 a month for all kind of insurances because the veterinary bills have increased and can’t afford them anymore.

First of all, what’s a pet insurance? Well, pet insurances have 4 categories from which pet owners can choose. They are in this order from the most basic cover to the high-level cover :

  • accident only
  • per condition with a time limit
  • per condition
  • lifetime.

I believe it’s self-explanatory what each one means.

Accident only cover is the most basic cover which covers your dog a veterinary treatment if they get injured (doesn’t count for illness).
Per condition with a time limit is the basic cover that it will pay vets’ fees for illness or accidents but for only 12 months after the pet was diagnosed.
Per condition is same a mid-level cover in which insurers cover a set fee limit, but do not also set a time limit for the treatment
Lifetime is the highest level of insurance in which insurers will assure all treatments for your dog if something happens. However, you have to renew the contract each year and some insurers might refuse to renew it, so watch out!

But what are the best kind of insurances?

Well, first on the list would be “Healthy Paws Pet Plan” with a rating of 5-stars from its users! This plan covers all of your pets diseases and accidents at an affordable cost! Moreover, you’ll have the freedom to choose your preferred reimbursement level. Insurance premium costs $35.5 per month and offers 90% reimbursement! With this kind of insurance, your pet can enjoy unlimited lifetime and annual benefits!

The second is “Embrace Pet Insurance”. With this plan you can cover all your pets disease and accident treatments. Moreover, you can choose your own annual limit, deductibles and reimbursement levels! The premium cover costs $12.17 a month and offers 70% reimbursement. However, you’ll need to pay for if you want to add a prescription medication coverage. Annual limits start at $5,000 and can even go up to $15,000. Go to for complete reviews.

Pet insurances are very important for your pet and I’m urging you to get one, because you never know what will happen and I’m sure you don’t want an unfortunate event to happen. Keep your pet safe!

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