Pet Insurance Reviews

cat-and-dogPets are often considered part of our family. So when a pet is injured or sick the cost of treatment can leave families with the difficult decision to pay a large vet bills or have the pet euthanized. Some people have taken out pet insurance to avoid theses situations.

Pet insurance pays your vet bills when your pet is injured or sick. However not all pet insurance is the same when deciding which policy to buy you need to do some serious research. Here are some things to look for when reviewing pet insurance options.

How to find the best policy.

Here are six questions to ask when carrying out your own pet insurance reviews,

  1. Are there any illnesses that are not covered? – Read the fine print and ensure you understand exactly what you get for your money. Some cats and dogs are prone to certain conditions; if you have one of those breeds it may not be covered.
  2. What are my out of pocket expenses? You don’t want to get a nasty surprise when your rebate arrives so ask up front how much you will get back some insurers will only pay between 75% and 85% of the vet fees; and there are some that only pay 50% so check the fine print so you don’t get a nasty surprise at claim time.
  3. What is the excess? – Some insurers have no excess, while others will offer a minimum excess to reduce your premiums.
  4. What is the claim limit? – Some insurers have a maximum you can claim each year, which is usually between $6000- $15000. And some have maximum amounts you can claim on certain treatments (referred to as sub limits), for example you may only be able to claim $100 a year for a tick paralysis with some policies.
  5. How often do the premiums increase – Some insurers put the price up significantly every year as your pet ages.
  6. What specialist treatments are covered? Important to know if your pet is covered for specialist treatment. .

There are lots of pet insurance providers out there so really shop around before making a decision. If you want to know about some of the pet insurance policies available visit



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