Pet Me Home – Crowd Funding Campaign on Indiegogo

Pet Me Home is an initiative by a group of people, all from the hi-tech world, who love animals and want to utilize their skills to help our little furry friends.  The app will help people, who for any reason need to give up their pet, find the pet a new home in their vicinity. 

Aren’t there enough pets available for adoption? Why would we need an app? 


There are lots of dogs in pounds, waiting to be adopted. We all know how they’re treated, and the unavoidable end most of them meet. But why should a pet have to go through that traumatic ordeal to find a new home? Pet Me Home aims to cut out the middle-man, so that people don’t need to result to giving their pet to a pound. These types of initiatives will hopefully limit and eventually end the suffering those unwanted animals have to go through before finding a new home. 

In order to bring this app to life, these young entrepreneurs have started a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo

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