My Pet Hedghog is Digging in Her Cage?

Question: So I gave rue a dig box yesterday and at night she took all of them out and shoved them in a corner. Do they normally do that?



-I compare it to OCD for Hedgehogs. They like to move stuff around and change the placement of things, to run around them. Looks like puff balls. Nesting stuff. Probably wouldn’t do that with marbles.

– I’ll hear them shaking at night as she’s pushing them or moving them. And she will also pick up those abc blocks I have in there and shake them.

– I think you’re the first person I’ve seen that has salt licks?

– I was curious about that too!

– She likes to lick the mineral one so I don’t think it matters.

– She likes them so I’m leaving them in. Just asked about the poms.

– You can get them at any craft store too! In all different colors and sizes. I’d avoid the tiny ones though for obvious reasons.

– Walmart craft section for just over a dollar and at the dollar store.

– I have a sterlite plastic tub. My hedgehog has a midwest guinea pig habitat cage found on amazon and ebay.

– I don’t have any pictures on my phone. But the have the Christmas tree storage containers for now that are close or larger than the recommended 40×20. Mine is still a work in progress. Going to go get more toys today.

– Ofelia just has a normal guinea pig cage with cut up placemats ziptied to the inside. It goes from cage bottom to some clear tape up three inches to three inches of placemat. It’s kept her from getting out and she hasn’t chewed on it at all.

– But yeah my hedgie likes the mineral lick and 2 vets said it doesn’t cause anything negative for them so it’s fine and I’ll leave them in my cage even if she “doesn’t need it”

– Not being snarky but seriously, that liner stuff fascinates me…it looks like dryer lint from a baby blue sweater  I am so glad I joined this group you can really learn a lot….p.s. I know it’s not dryer lint but I don’t know the technical name or brand.

– My bedding? Lol it blue care fresh paper.
I like it better then fleece, even though it sticks to her fleece sack and snuggle thing.

– I use marbles so I can wash them, so they usually don’t get moved around. But bugsy had a giant pile of fleece strips she moves one by one across the cage to wherever she feels like sleeping every night, it’s hilarious. Sometimes they’re in her tube or igloo, the next day they’ll be in the middle of the cage.


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