Pet Carvers – Handcrafted Hardwood Collectables

This new art form is taking the world by storm. Here at Pet Carvers dot com, we understand more than anyone how important your pet is to you, and we also understand that they are always immortalised in your memory even if they aren’t with you anymore. Of course, it doesn’t matter whether your pet is with you physically or mentally, because we are here to give you a huge discount on any order. All you have to do is type in “154U” at the website checkout and your discount will automatically be applied.


So why are these hand carved pieces so great for remembering your pet and what makes Pet Carvers stand out when it comes to making memories? One of the many reasons are the woods we use. Walnut which is black, cherry is red, beech is tan, birch is white and boxwood is yellow. Another is we are the only carving studio capable of doing this! A real plus is your able to use a photo taken today or twenty years ago! Not to mention its unique and affordable!

We spend hours hand carving each piece of wood into what is essentially a puzzle. From a photo, we turn that into line art! We will never use stains or paints, and all of the colours you see are all made from different types of recycled hardwoods I get from high end furniture factories. After we carve each individual piece of wood. We put all these pieces together by filing and sanding down each individual part to make sure that it resembles and fits your pet perfectly. These new skills have taken years to develop. First, we started with clay sculpture to practice on the same way that sculptures were made thousands of years ago and now with what I call a Disney Twist!


In fact, a lot of our skills were actually learned at Disney World back in the 70’s. With the Disney can-do attitude and how I learned to think out of the box! Thanks Walt!

If you need someone who can cement your pet’s memory in history and turn those memories into a family heirloom. We are the only one in the world that can do this! Go ahead google it!

Why don’t you take a look through our site to see some of our previous work today? We can’t wait to hear from you!


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