Why Your Pet Business Needs A Marketing Agency

The pet services industry is made up of very passionate members that truly care for the business, their clients and the animals in their care. Pet parents can be very particular about the people and companies they entrust their beloved pets to, so it’s important to establish authority and professionalism very early on. But whether you’re a lone dog walker or a business offering full pet services, it can be difficult to cut through all the noise of the competition. You can be the most talented animal whisperer in the world but if no one knows you exist, it won’t make much of a difference. This is where a solid plan from a pet business marketing agency comes into play.


If you’re wondering why anyone in the pet industry would even need the services of a marketing agency, think about all the times you’ve tried to take on related tasks by yourself. From social media to content creation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the marketing must-haves that you need to cover in order to reach your target audience. You’ll need to spend time, effort and other resources on these tasks when you could be generating more sales or meeting more clients.

There’s always room for improvement and if you’re already a beloved groomer, pet store owner or pet sitter, you can always grow your business further. Having a professional brand lends a great deal of credibility to your business. Let’s face it: aren’t we more trusting of services that offer beautifully crafted websites, business cards, social media profiles and other marketing materials?

It can be a bit of a challenge trying to make sense of marketing, the current trends and the constant changes that revolve around social media. Fortunately, good marketing agencies are experienced and passionate about providing agile solutions that adapt to the changes in the field.

There is also the misconception that hiring a marketing agency costs much more than taking on the efforts by yourself or hiring a dedicated marketing employee. What many businesses fail to realize is that the true cost of hiring an employee isn’t limited to a person’s basic salary. After adding all the needed benefits, taxes and other perks, the monthly quote from a marketing agency can even be much more reasonable. There’s no need to think about training as well since you’ll be hiring a team of experienced professionals who already know how to market to your intended audience and showcase your fantastic pet business!

If given the choice, most pet service professionals would prefer focusing on the job itself than keeping up with the do’s and don’ts of marketing. While you might be tempted to go the DIY route or ask for help from a relative or friend, there are just too many things at stake. A mistimed social media post or a glaring typo on your marketing collateral can zap your well of clients in a pinch. After all, when pet owners are extremely mindful and particular about the type of services they receive, shouldn’t that be your mindset as well?


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