Pest and flea control

Pest control will be a major threat to man in the coming years. In no distant time we will be affected by the presence of pests as they are found everywhere. Pests can be annoying, whether it be beetles or ants in the kitchen or weeds in the garden. Many persons are indifferent to pest control and the attendant problems caused by pests and also the pesticides used in their control.

Pests can be of good benefits and on the other hand can be a problem to human beings. Insects, animals and some bacteria are beneficial in a lot of ways and can also become pests. Some pests like flies, mice, cockroaches, fleas, ants and rats are commonly found in apartments and houses. There should be pest control measures, pest prevention and effective pest management to prevent the proliferation of pests in homes.


Fleas are also referred to as cat fleas. They are tiny parasites which feed on the blood of humans and pets. They can lay their eggs in almost everywhere and anywhere they please such as furniture, carpets, beddings, back yards etc. There is a high possibility of the infestation of fleas and their eggs. In order to determine if an animal has fleas, look out for obvious signs of fleas on dogs and the excrements of fleas which are dark specks of curly dots.

Fleas should be immersed immediately in soapy water whenever they are trapped. It is best to administer flea control products throughout the year since they are able to survive better in warm conditions.

An effective control measure for pests and fleas in particular is the use of chemical pesticides. This method is not recommended to be used in commercial premises and around the home and it could adversely affect the health of humans.

When making use of chemical pesticides an important fact to bear in mind is making the right choice of pesticide.

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