How People plan to celebrate Halloween in 2013

Halloween is a popular festival in many countries and is celebrated in different ways. People from all over the world have their own ways to celebrate Halloween. Halloween costumes traditionally portray figures such as ghosts, witches and devils. Costumes became popular in the US in the early 20the century.


Canada have a very old history on the celebration of Halloween and the country celebrates the festival right from nineteenth century. They attend parties and decorate their house in order to make it a special event. The people there have a quite a unique style of celebrating Halloween which should be observed.


The celebration of Halloween in England is quite fun. Children sing song on this day and knocking the door asking for money. They were fashionable costumes which are basically designed for Halloween to make the occasion more interesting and perfect.


Ireland is quite famous place for the celebration of Halloween festival as the place is called to be the birthplace of the tradition. The celebration is quite similar to American style. People party hard, they exchange gifts and the children play cards for fun. So, it is quite a nice place for spending the Halloween 2013.

Belgium and Czechoslovakia

Most of the time black cats in Belgium is considered to be unlucky but not on the occasion of Halloween because they believe that there dead relative will come to visit them. They also lit candles to show respect and honor there deceased family members. While in Czechoslovakia people arrange chairs in their home for the deceased person or member of the family. They have a strong belief that o the Halloween night the departed should would come to their home in order to spend some time with their people.

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