Best cat carrier backpack

The function of a backpack is to make it easy and stress-free to walk with your cat and allow him to enjoy fresh air at the same time.

Of all the best cat hiking trailer should be safe and comfortable. It has so many features to consider, but it’s very important to check if your cat is safe and can take advantage of the carrier.

The bag pack we are talking about usually range from bags to standard cage carriers. Which you should be able to keep them longer on your shoulders; the best cat light hunter will make your life more enjoyable. Continue reading

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Teaching a Dog to Fetch for the First Time

You’d think that dogs would by nature know how to fetch. While most dogs know how to chase a thrown toy, they usually need to be taught to bring the toy back to you. Does your dog know how to fetch?

What is Fetch?

Fetch is a game where you throw a toy (think a flying disc or some other favorite toy) for your dog. Your canine companion is then supposed to chase after the toy, pick it up and bring it right back to you. The game doesn’t involve your dog running off with the toy or running off and expecting you to chase after him and the toy! The game typically needs to be taught in stages, so your dog learns how to play correctly. Continue reading

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Best GPS dog fences

Many dog owners swear by their GPS dog fences and there are more to choose from every year. One thing that distinguishes them from other invisible dog fences is that they work regardless of terrain or weather, as long as the sensor in the dog collar is in contact with at least four GPS satellites. This makes them much better on uneven land than other wireless systems.

GPS fences cost anywhere between $100 and $650, making them much cheaper than a real fence and they are even easier and quicker to install than systems with wires that have to be buried. Another benefit is that you can take your GPS fence with you when you travel or go camping. A GPS fence will not block your view and it can be used to keep your dog out of smaller parts of your property such as a garden or a pool.

Things to be aware of include boundary wobble and retreat response. Boundary wobble is the distance that the invisible boundary can change from moment to moment. It can be a fluctuation of up to several feet. Retreat response is the distance the dog must back up from the boundary to make the shock correction stop. With some systems, the dog has to back up quite a distance before the shock stops. Both of these distances can confuse the dog and make it hard for it to learn what exactly the boundary is that it must not cross.

If you use a GPS fence, be sure to take the time to train your dog with it. Don’t just install the system, put the collar on your dog and let it figure out that the shock means it has reached a place it shouldn’t go. Dogs don’t understand things the way we do. If it feels pain, it will look for a visible cause of the pain. If the location where it feels the shock is within view of a place where the public walks, the dog might correlate the shock with strangers and become hostile to people it doesn’t know.

Start by setting a visible boundary, like flags. Teach your dog that it is to avoid the area beyond the flags. After that you can use an audible beep to enforce the boundary and last of all, add the shock. Progressing from the visual to the kinesthetic allows your dog to make the connection between the physical space and the shock it feels through the collar. This is how to teach your pet about the boundary and not confuse it with what will seem to your dog like a random pain. Continue reading

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The best pet automatic feeders on the market today

Technology and automation is creeping up more and more in almost every aspect of our lives and the animal industry is no different.

One of the most useful recent advancements in technology aimed at our pets is the programmable, automatic dog electronic feeder.Here are some examples of the best pet automatic feeders on the market today. Continue reading

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8 Tips For Caring For A Golden Retriever Puppy

The golden retriever is one of the most popular and most common family pets across the globe. Many families are drawn in by the images of the incredibly cute puppies, as well as the great stories about the temperament of these dogs.

We can all get swept up on ideas of this perfect pup that is a joy to own. Yet, there are plenty of issues regarding golden retriever puppy care that we need be aware of.

In this guide we will cover 8 tips to care for golden retriever puppy. This includes some of the most important information for raising golden retriever puppies. We will also look at concerns when handling newborn puppies and mixed breeds.

1) Take good care of their diet.

A good diet is important with all puppies, and the active, playful golden retriever is no different. Be sure to give them the right portions of a strong diet of puppy-friendly food. Look out for diets that have plenty of protein for an active lifestyle, as well as omega oils to keep that coat in the best possible health. Watch out for portion sizes too. You don’t to overfeed them and risk obesity and health issues.

2) Take good care of their coats.

On the subject of that coat, it is important to give the coat a good brush as often as possible as these puppies grow up. The retriever has a medium length coat that is prone to shedding. You have enough on your hands with this active pup without chasing after them with a vacuum too. This means gentle brushing on a daily basis with a soft brush.

3) Take good care of their other grooming needs.

There are different grooming needs that these animals will face as they grow up. They will need their nails clipping, their teeth cleaned, their ears checked – because of their dropping nature. Regular grooming from an early age also means that these dogs can get used to being handled as they grow up. This is an important part of their overall training regimen. They need to learn to be handled in a calm, happy manner. Continue reading

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Grey and White Cats – The Color of Cats is Linked to Their Personality

If you are planning to get a cat as your pet and you don’t know which breed to consider, you might want to use cat’s color as your basis for preferences. According to studies, there’s a link between the cat coat’s color as well as underlying personality traits that might help in picking the kind for your needs. You might love some white cats, yet grey colored ones might be better for your requirements. With this in mind, why not get grey and white cats instead? But, before everything else, what should you know about the cat’s color and why it is linked to cat’s personality?

  • Grey/White Cats

While most grey cats are found in several rural areas, cats with grey and white fur are found in city’s feral areas. Such cats may be quite clever and resourceful. They’re great mousers and very active. But, they’re typically less affectionate compared to some colored cats. Grey and white cats also make many friends with other cats and humans.

  • Gray Tabby Cats

The domesticated cats nowadays actually descended from a group of African wildcats thousands of years ago. Such cats were gray tabby cats, which resemble African wildcats found today in the wild. Feral cats are often found in rural areas across Europe and USA typically have the same fur pattern. Commonly, these cats are a bit solitary and have the tendency play in an aggressive manner. They also love hunting their prey and might be hard to keep these cats indoors.

  • White Cats

Majority of pure white cats are prone to congenital deafness and most blue-eyed white cats are born deaf sometimes. Usually, they have skin disorders and poor vision. For this reason, white cats are a bit timid and will follow owners around the home. But, not every white cat is deaf.

Each cat has different traits, no matter what the color of the fur or coat. It depends on how cats are raised or what kind of household they live in. The level of attention and care they get from their owners can also affect their personality. For you to choose the right cat for you, it’s essential to take every aspect of ownership into consideration and look for the one that you would want to be part of your beautiful family.

Are Grey and White Cats Suited for You?

Grey and white cats are the common choices of many people for some reasons. Regardless of your needs or preferences in cats, these cats can be an ideal option for you. There are some known breeds of white and grey cats. You can choose any breed of this color. But, make sure to deal with the right cat breeder for you to ensure that you will get a healthy cat. Knowing about how grey and white cats should be fed is also essential. With this, you will be able to know what you should or not do to make your grey and white cats healthy and happy. Continue reading

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Dog Teeth And Taking Good Care Of Them

Just like you do, your dog needs to have comprehensive and expert dental care. This is particularly true because problems with dental issues have been associated with dogs dealing with systemic diseases.

For starters, administering antibiotics as quickly as possible is so important if your dog has an infection in its teeth. Not doing so can lead to it spreading on to other parts of your dog’s body like the oral mucous membrane and the pharyngeal region. You can also help in preventing additional damage to the dog’s teeth by eliminating any foods that are rich in acid or alkaline.

Still another way that tooth decay and dental disease can be prevented in a young puppy is by their being given a bone that they can chew on. This helps them to minimize any chances of random and indiscriminate biting which can and very often will proceed on to tooth decay. Continue reading

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Safety and Dogs

Dogs can be considered as the closest companions of human beings. However, it is important for you to be careful when you are working with dogs. They can get aggressive at any time and if you are aware of dog safety tips, you will get the opportunity to stay away from frustration during such situations. Here is a list of 5 important dog safety tips that you should keep in mind.

Continue reading

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The best ways to help your pitbull build muscle

Does your pitbull have a difficult time building up muscle? Then you need to introduce some changes to the lifestyle and diet of your companion in order to help him build muscle. Here is a list of few important tips, which you can keep in mind when you are trying to assist your pitbull build muscle. If you stick to these tips, you will be able to notice some significant changes in the physique of your pitbull after a couple of weeks. Continue reading

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Best Puppy Food for Golden Retriever

The beautiful golden furs are the most noticeable things about the golden retriever. This breed of dog is active, friendly, and cute and can be the guard of the owner in the time of help. To provide a healthy life style to your golden retriever, you should give him the healthy food. Especially, if you have recently adopted a new born or puppy of this breed, then you should give an extra attention when purchasing food for your dog.

The best puppy food for golden retriever should have the same qualities which you look for the food for other puppies which consist of ingredients, nutrition, and the taste, as compared to adult or grown dogs, the puppies required more attention of their owner. If you do not feed them healthy and required an amount of nutrition like protein, fats, and carb, then your dog can be sick in no time where his bones and muscles can become weak forever. Continue reading

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