Are You Getting a German Shepherd Pup?

German Shepherd puppies are popular because of their loyalty, intelligence, and their ability to blend well to a family like a real family member. It is definitely easy to decide on choosing this type of breed over others due to those qualities alone. However, German Shepherd puppies are such a special breed that it takes more than enough preparation to actually care for them. It is imperative that a prospective owner do research first before getting a German Shepherd puppy because this is going to be a long commitment.

Most new owners immediately look for German Shepherd puppies for sale without analyzing what are the necessities of a good pet owner. Finding a reputable breeder that has Black German Shepherd puppies for sale or even White German puppies for sale is not actually difficult if you know where to look. Most local pet stores have Purebred German shepherd puppies for sale and Long-Haired German Shepherd puppies for sale. Continue reading “Are You Getting a German Shepherd Pup?” »

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Essentials for keeping a healthy and happy cat

A cat is a wonderful animal to pet. This easy-to-care animal is apparently very peaceful, affectionate and entertaining. It needs little care and lesser attention than other pets.

There are hundreds of cat breeds available as pets. Breeds like British Shorthair, American Shorthair, Abyssinian, Sphynx, Scottish Fold, Barman, Manx, Devon Rex and many others are very popular across the globe. One can choose the most attractive one after thorough research on the Internet or after a discussion with an expert. Most of these cats are the direct descendents of wild cats, hence biologically, and behaviorally they show some sort of wilderness. Such wilderness is not harmful for the owners or their family members, and the most positive aspect of domestic cats is that they are trainable. Moreover, certain characteristics like using an automatic cat litter box or tendency of staying indoors most of the time occur in them naturally. So, as a pet there is nothing negative in this wonderful animal.

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German shepherd golden retriever mix

The German shepherd golden retriever mix is one of the most friendly dogs that you can get. It’s lovable, caring and extremely adorable. A lot of dog fans from all over the world have said that these kinds of dogs changed their lives forever and that they hope that they will continue making the lives of a lot more people better every day. There are a lot of different dog race combinations but this one is one of those combinations that really stands out of the crowd. The main reason for that is the people that keep getting them and loving them with all their hearts.

German shepherd golden retriever mix

They need attention Every dog needs a home – a place where he can feel secure and loved by everybody around him. Dogs like German shepherd golden retriever mix need a lot of attention and are just great to be around. When it comes to caring for these loving creatures and accepting them into the family the German shepherd golden retriever mix is no different form any other dog, dog race or dog race mix. There are some characteristics that separate dog races from one and other but every race needs the same amount of love that it needs to receive from the people that decided to accept him into his new home. Unfortunately not all houses are ready to get a dog and bring him to their home. I guess they can’t handle the pressure of caring for a dog or they don’t have enough room. Different dog races If you look at a German shepherd golden retriever mix and any other dog race you can see the first difference. It’s pretty obvious – the German shepherd golden retriever mix doesn’t look anything like the race of a dog you compare it to. It’s important to point out that the difference in how the German shepherd golden retriever mix looks and how another race looks is not the only difference. There are a lot of characteristics that people need to take into consideration like the way that the dog acts, how playful it is and, of course, how hard it is to teach him to do some things, as well as behave good and listen to it’s owner. If you combine two dog races together then it’s quite possible that the dog will have the characteristics of both dogs. He won’t have all of them – some of the characteristics will be from one dog race, some from the other.

German shepherd golden retriever     Shepherd German golden retriever mix

  What do i need to know so i can take care of a dog? There are a couple of things you need to learn about dogs before adopting a dog like the German shepherd golden retriever mix. It isn’t hard to learn at all – you will learn a lot of things just by being there while the dog is growing up!

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How I got my Golden Retrievers

It is interesting how a human can get attached to an animal, even though it can not speak, or do many other things that people can. But animals, such as dogs are, can be even more loyal to his owner than any person can be. It can listen without interrupting or shouting back to you, it can also sympathize, sit down with you for hours without getting impatient and it will never betray you. My family and I used to have dogs before we got our Kai and Delta, so we kind of knew what to expect when we decided to adopt two Golden Retrievers from the animal shelter. But we could never imagine that these two little creatures will give us so much love, joy and stronger family bonds! They are both a true treasure and I still remember one summer Saturday when we decided to drive to an animal shelter, where they had two little golden hairy balls. They were found left in a wood, where some person left them in hope that they will die quickly by being eaten by a fox or maybe even found by some other people who were coming there for a walk. Since they were found quickly enough, they were not too hungry, they only had a few ticks and they were yelping for someone to pick them up and gave them a shelter.

My Golden Retrievers Kai and Delta

Since we were regularly checking the website of this animal shelter, we found this information about them getting two Golden Retrievers from their e-mail, which they are sending every other week and informing people who are about to adopt a pet about new animals that were found. Before that Saturday my family and I sat down at the table and had some really serious talk. We already had a Beagle and since there were already one dog at our house, we did not want him to be insulted of getting new incomers into our house. Continue reading “How I got my Golden Retrievers” »

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Golden retriever husky mix

If you are looking for the perfect dog, than you must have Golden retriever husky mix. For you it can be a new and weird idea, but believe me you can’t find the quitter pappy than one of Golden retriever husky mix. Dogs are men best friends. You deserve, as well as your family, to have one of the sweetest dog kind on the world.


Golden retriever husky mix


New desirable look!

This dog is extremely clever, taking all the good genes from each side of the two beautiful dog families. It can be a great gift if you know someone who is a dog lover, you will surprise him with the whole new specie and the happiness will be more than visible.

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Golden Retriever temperament

My both Golden retrievers are truly adorable dogs. I can not remember them ever being hostile to any person, a child or other animal and I believe that Golden Retriever temperament is one of the best temperaments you will ever meet with dogs. Not only are these pets extremely intelligent and obedient, but it seems as if my both Goldens would eagerly want to please me and all my family members. Of course, you will see the difference in their energy level, as no dog, even from the same breed, can have the same level of energy, but looking in general they are both very friendly with my kids and other family members, also with our neighbors and people we randomly meet when going out for a walk. When I got my two Golden Retrievers I already knew that this breed would be the best to raise and I it was very true. domain analysis . By the way – the names of my two Goldens are Kai and Delta.

Golden Retriever temperament

The first one is a male, while the other one is a female. They are both very adaptable and whenever my family and I go on vacation or on a trip, we take them with us. They are so eager to leave that sometimes they almost can not wait our car to start and drive away. Continue reading “Golden Retriever temperament” »

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Training Golden Retriever puppies

My Golden Retrievers, which names are Delta and Kai, are truly an amazing dogs, not just because they are my dogs, but also because they have great character, temperament and are very obedient. Obedience is one of the main characteristics of this breed and since this breed also likes to please their owners, it is no wonder then why training Golden Retriever puppies or adult dogs can be a true pleasure for all family members. Before I got Delta and Kai, I already knew how to train and raise them and they were 6 weeks old when I brought them into our house. In this article I am going to give you a couple of tips on training Golden Retriever puppies, since these cute little fur balls grow really fast and since socialization and also training is very important for dogs, especially during their first 3 months of living, you will need to train them manners, obedience and also activities. check links . These three trainings are crucial for puppies, as they will remember for the rest of their lives what they learn in this period of time and this training will also develop their temperament and behavior.

Training Golden Retriever puppies

The dog school, which my two Goldens attended, gave them a good foundation for further training at home and I would suggest attending the dog school to all dog owners, especially if you want a well socialized dog with good manners. Training Golden Retriever puppies will not eat your nerves, especially because they will love to please you and everyone around them. They will obediently retrieve all sorts of toys, gum bones and wooden sticks, as Goldens are born retrievers. Since Golden Retrievers are very intelligent dogs, they will remember everything quickly, as they also have good memory. If you want your Golden to be a good dog, you will have to teach him general behavior not only around people, but also other animals and pets, house breaking, as they must know that there is only one place in the house for this. Another part of behavior training will also include leash training, if you want to go to the town to a crowd of people and not only this; there are also other situations he will have to adopt and learn how to behave when they occur.

Fun training Golden Retriever puppies

Since my Kai and Delta are really well trained dogs with good manners, there is almost no situation they could not manage. As for activity training, it is easy to guess that all Retrievers love retrieving all sorts of things, also herding and searching, rescuing and you must never go outside with them, not having at least a small ball or a wooden stick, so that they can actively play with it. I know that this activity training positively affected my training of Golden Retriever puppies and I would definitely suggest you do the same. Continue reading “Training Golden Retriever puppies” »

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Golden Retriever grooming

Not many people know how important it is to groom a dog, no matter whether he has long or short hair and no matter whether he is an outside or an inside dog. Both of my two Golden Retrievers are dogs with longer hair and they enjoy regular grooming, as Golden Retriever grooming has many benefits and represents an integral part of your pet’s enjoyable life together with the rest of the family members. Would you believe that grooming can represent a very beautiful part of each dog’s life, but only if you do not make it as an interruption for your dog. Surely, it will definitely take you some time and also your effort, but you can be sure that it will pay you off. Since my Delta and Kai (our Golden Retrievers) really enjoy trimming and the rest activities of the grooming process, such as brushing, nail trimming and also bathing, we have already managed to make these necessities for the integral part of their lives. But not just my Goldens, my Beagle too enjoys regular brushing, as this has helped us all to achieve greater bonds.

Golden Retriever grooming

Do not worry, if your Golden Retrievers will not like brushing at first, as all they need is a little time and plenty of your patience to get used to it and eventually they will definitely appreciate all your affection and attention. It is, however, not so easy to make a puppy enjoy grooming, so you will probably need a bit more patience and positive energy. One of the greatest benefits of Golden Retriever grooming is also the health reason, since you can discover ticks, fleas, lumps and tender areas that need special medical treatment. Golden Retriever grooming, such as trimming, will require a couple of supplies, such as a brush, a comb, a pair of straight-edged scissors and nail-cutters, also a pair of rhinning-scissors. But do not be afraid of having to do all the job at once, as you can do the trimming in a couple of sessions, which will not only be good for you and your patience, but also for your dog’s patience.

Paw Golden Retriever grooming

Choosing proper supplies for your Golden Retriever brushing is crucial for brushing him properly therefore you will have to use basic slicker brush, as it is really the best for removing the hair, dead hair and the loose undercoat. Regular grooming, such as brushing is also important, if you do not want your dog to shed too much in the spring and fall and it will also help him feel better in the summer season. Golden Retriever grooming also requires trimming excess hair between your dog’s pads and also trimming of the hair on the top of his ears. You must also pay attention of his hair mats, as you must remove them; the same goes with tangles.

Nice Golden Retriever grooming

Another special grooming process which you must not forget about, is regular nail trimming, which has many benefits, as trimming nails helps him feel greater foot comfort, which also means that your Goldens will be more active. As for bathing, you must know that your Goldens love water, swimming and other water activities, but bathing can represent a trouble at first. You can beat your Golden retriever hesitation with some coaxing; the same did I when my dogs were still young. There are many benefits of bathing, such as that your dog will not smell, you will be able to eliminate ticks and fleas and help him clean bacteria. And above all; bathing, the same as nail trimming, brushing and hair trimming, can bond you even greater.

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Puppy potty training tips

Once you have a puppy, no matter what breed it is, you will sooner or later have to reconcile yourself with a fact that your dog is a small living creature which eats, sleeps and also eliminates, therefore many of you will probably need to use some puppy potty training tips. When my Delta and Kai were still puppies, we used a couple of key elements in potty training them. I knew that consistency and timing is the key factor, if you do not want your dog to eliminate all over the house or in the area where he lives, while I used praise whenever my two dogs did what I wanted from them, that is when they went potty and did not eliminate wherever they wanted to. Not many animal lovers know that a puppy can not hold his urine because his bladder muscles are not fully developed yet and do not function yet properly, that is why it is almost impossible to make your puppy not to pee, when he must to. Therefore these puppy potty training tips will not only help you in not having to clean the poops and urine all over your flat or house, but they will also help your dog to live more stressfully and happier.

Beagle puppy potty training tips

So, if you would like to accomplish puppy housebreaking, you will have to teach him to urinate and defecate to one spot outside his living space. If you think he can do this somewhere in the area of your flat, such as on the floor of your bathroom or living room, where there are no carpets, but you have tiles which are easy to clean, then you can find him one spot where he will go each time he needs a potty break. You must, however know that once you he defecates in this area, he will continue to return to this area whenever he needs to. Puppy potty training tips include also one great tip, which is to have on your mind that is the best, if you can leave your pup go outside to potty. This will takes you let him out every hour and you will have to make sure you leave him outside to potty before you and he goes to sleep. And you must also know that the first thing your puppy will require from you when he wakes up, is letting him out to relieve himself. It is the best that you teach him a morning routine, so you should be the first one who gets up, which can at the same time be a signal to your puppy that it is time also for him to go potty. zipcar site down . Some very useful puppy potty training tips also require you to thoroughly observe your puppy during the whole day, because there will definitely be some signals you can recognize on his face and also his acting.
Puppy potty training tips
You must know that each puppy has to relieve himself after a meal, such as after dinner and you must not be surprised if he urinates more frequently during summer and other hotter months, as he will probably drink more water during these months. There is one clear signal you will recognize with your puppy when he sniffs the floor; when he does this, he is probably searching for a place to poop or urinate, which is a clear signal that you must take him to potty. If your puppy sleeps in a crate, you will have much easier job to train him go potty outside the crate, because dogs do not like to sleep where they eliminate. One of the best puppy potty training tips you should know is to never scold him after he defecates where he shouldn’t. Instead of this you should always scold him when you catch him in the act, otherwise your puppy will not know what he did wrong. And if it happens that he defecates where he should not, then properly clean the floor to remove the odour, so that your pup will not defecate there again.

Pup puppy potty training tips

You must also know that you should always cheerfully praise your dog once he defecates where he is supposed to and you should also cheer him to defecate, once you train him to go potty. You can use some words, like “now outside” or “go outside”, if you want to train him go outside to do a potty and you can use different phrases to encourage him to do potty, once he is outside, such as “now potty” or “do potty” when you want him to urinate, and use some other phrase when you want him to do a poop, such as “poop” or “ do now”. In a couple of months you should successfully potty train your dog, which will make happy both, you and your dog.

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Best dogs for children

I was surprised when I heard that there are many people who are still prejudiced about children and dogs playing and living together in the same house. Some even think that best dogs for children do not exist. domain whois information If only they knew how much could their kids benefit from having an animal in the house and learning how to take care for them! Since we have three dogs and I have children on my own, I can not imagine my kids not having a dog for a playmate.

It is commonly known that dogs and children can easily become best friends, especially if you and your children obey some basic rules and if you adopt a pet for your child among best dogs for children; finally, you probably won’t select a Bull Terrier, especially if you have never had a dog in your house before and you do not have enough experiences with raising dogs. When selecting best dogs for your children, you must first ask yourself these six main questions:

Best dogs for children

  • Do you actually want an adult dog or you would rather have a puppy?
  • What do you expect from your child to be able to do for a dog or a puppy?
  • Do you want a dog or a puppy be an assistant at raising up your children?
  • What rank will a dog or a puppy have in your family?
  • Will your kid be allowed to sleep with a dog in a bed?
  • Will you allow your child to eat together with a dog at the table?

Believe me or not, but almost any dog can become the best dog for your kid. If you are wondering whether to adopt a pet that is young or adult, you must know that choosing puppies is not always the best, as you do not know what character is this puppy going to have, while with an adult dog you already know this. That is the reason why I would rather suggest you to choose an adult one, which is patient, friendly and have enough temperament to match your child’s temperament.

Labradors and Goldens are really the best dogs for children, as they are very temperament, smart, friendly and considered to be great family dogs. Beagles and Poodles too can be great for your children, the same as Cairn Terriers and small sized dogs which love to play. Sheetland Sheepdogs are also best dogs for children, because they are very calm, gentle and will never harm your child without any very obvious reason.

The best dogs for children

But keep in mind that you should never, really never left your kid alone with a pet while playing together, because an animal is still an animal and you can never know when your child is going to make any sudden or uncontrolled move, which could scare a pet. There are three more best breeds for children that I must mention and they are Miniature Schnauzers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bulldogs. The last ones may seem a bit rough, but they have lower energy level and are therefore great for kids who are not that much active, while Miniature Schnauzers are very cute and may seem as a toy for some children.

Another great thing when deciding for a puppy or an adult pet is to know that your new family member with four legs can get extremely protective towards your kid, which can sometimes not be a very good thing, especially when this protectiveness is too extreme. Just keep in mind that having a pet in your house can do a great benefit to emotional intelligence of your child and everything is going to be fine; trust your instinct and you will definitely choose the right pet.

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