Different Options When Getting Services for Dog Walking Portland

Any dog owners know how important walking your dog is. However, no matter how much you want to go out and spend some hours with your dogs for walking, there are times when your busy schedule will not allow you. If you are just around Portland and wish to get professional dog walking Portland, there are different options available on the kind of service that you can pick for your dog.

If you have an old buddy at home or a new puppy that you would like to take for short walk, the best option you can get is strolling. This will approximately take at least 15 minutes and is enough time for your pet to have a regular walk outside your home, get some fresh air, and keep them a bit active. In addition, their companion will give them belly rubs, ear scratching, and toys that will keep them busy after their stroll.


Say, you have a dog who likes roaming around the neighborhood and exploring the different things around them. A great dog walking Portland service you can get is sashay. This allows your dog to roam around and let them enjoy the environment for a good 30 minutes. After the walk, they will enjoy belly rubs and all the pampering they would want to receive from a friendly companion.

Those who own pets requiring more activities, scurrying is the service that you should pick for your fur baby. For 45 minutes, expect that your pet will be spoiled with a long walk and jogging around the neighborhood. Your fur baby can also be brought to any nearby dog park and let them have fun with a game of tug of war or even fetch. This will also allow you pooch to get along other animals and made friends with other dogs around the neighborhood.

For those who leave their dog for an hour to get some groceries, a dog walking Portland service that you should get is trot. This lasts for around an hour and will provide your pet extra time of having fun with playing games long walks and jogs and just burn off their extra energy.

If you are planning to get professional yet friendly dog walking Portland services, it is best that you get to know your options and the benefits it could give them. In addition, it is also necessary that you get to know how long you will be leaving your dogs to get the best service that will keep them company while you are away.

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