The world has seen many drastic changes since the inception of technology and nowadays technology has become a very integral part of our lives, so much so that from booking the next flight to the nearby city to paying domestic bills, everything is done with the help of technology. In modern days, even dating is done through online affairs. Online dating although, is an easy way of dating, it has struck many obstacles in the way. For starters, no matter how much one discuss about their personal affairs online, a lot is left to be desired, especially if one of the couple is a dog or a pet lover and the other hates to be near those pets.


Well, in such circumstances, has become an ideal companion for those. Here, on this portal, one dog lover can meet the other dog lover and both can chat with each other like any other dating site. The obvious advantage is that you would not have to worry whether the person you are going to date with, will like your dog or not. In fact, many persons are not comfortable around dogs but with, this problem is one of the past.

This dog lovers’ portal only registers singles who have their own dogs and are in love with them. Thus, many people of the same genre can feel comfortable about their dogs and they just need to check their general compatibility with each other. Thus, this dating portal is an amazing thing to happen, especially for the dog lovers.

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