Nothing is as great as adopting a cute cat

If you are looking for a pet that is not expensive to keep, doesn’t need extra attention and roams around silently, adopt a cute cat. A cat is the most popular pet around the world; especially in European countries and the USA. There are many types of cats found and available as pets. All have distinctive character and needs, but they are all lovely, affectionate and entertaining for their owners and all other family members.


Some basic things to know:

There are hundred of cat breeds, which are available as pets. Breeds like Persian cat, Siamese cat, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Scottish Fold, Barman, Siberian Cat, Himalayan Cat, Russian Blue, Munchkin Cat, Bengal Cat and American Curl, etc. are extremely popular as pets. These breeds are widely demanded all around the world. Cats have a normal life span of 12-15 years, but some may live up to 20 years. Domestic cats are direct descendents of wild cats; hence this domestic pet possesses many characteristics of their feral counterpart.

Cats remain silent most of the time while they are awake. However, they use different body gestures, ear and tail movements, and scratch marks to communicate with the family members to define their needs and problems.

Reasons behind their popularity as pet:

No other pet is as calm, cozy and peaceful as cats. They offer unconditional love to their owners; they are good entertainers, playful and very friendly. Moreover, you can train this amazing pet, many good habits like using an automatic cat litter box, playing with toys and children, sleeping in a certain place and responding to a call. Here are some reasons behind their immense popularity as pets-

  • Entertaining and Playful: Cats love to play with toys, and family members. They love children and are always playful with them. Seeing a cat leaping, running and frowning on an artificial fish or furry rat is indeed entertaining.
  • An easy-to-care pet: Cats prefer to stay indoors most of the time. They require little attention as they are intelligent enough to take care of themselves. Cats don’t need regular bathing; only a bit of brushing twice a day is sufficient to keep them clean. They are pretty self-dependent and spend much time in grooming themselves. This they do quite naturally; hence owners need not take any extra care.
  • Smart and Friendly: Domestic cats can adjust in any environment; they have the natural ability to understand any situation and learn likewise. They don’t disturb guests or become fussy without any apparent reason. Cats like to roam around with their owners and other family members quite silently.
  • Tidy animal: Cats are naturally neat and tidy. They can be trained any good habit without much effort. They can even use an automatic cat little box without any prior training. Thus, cats are extremely hygiene-maintaining animals, which you’ll love to pet.


  • Pest and rat catcher: Cats have an extremely strong hearing capacity, which is considered better than dogs. Even while sleeping, they can catch sounds and vibrations. Hence, once you adopt a cat at home, pest and rats are gone automatically.

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