Golden Retriever temperament

My both Golden retrievers are truly adorable dogs. I can not remember them ever being hostile to any person, a child or other animal and I believe that Golden Retriever temperament is one of the best temperaments you will ever meet with dogs. Not only are these pets extremely intelligent and obedient, but it seems as if my both Goldens would eagerly want to please me and all my family members. Of course, you will see the difference in their energy level, as no dog, even from the same breed, can have the same level of energy, but looking in general they are both very friendly with my kids and other family members, also with our neighbors and people we randomly meet when going out for a walk. When I got my two Golden Retrievers I already knew that this breed would be the best to raise and I it was very true. domain analysis . By the way – the names of my two Goldens are Kai and Delta.

Golden Retriever temperament

The first one is a male, while the other one is a female. They are both very adaptable and whenever my family and I go on vacation or on a trip, we take them with us. They are so eager to leave that sometimes they almost can not wait our car to start and drive away. I could also say that Golden Retriever temperament is extremely easy to handle, as these dogs are loyal and intelligent and they are easy to be taught any skills. This breed excels at field sports and I believe that Goldens are the best family dogs you could imagine to have. You will hardly see them arguing with other dogs and they will never start a fight; on the contrary, they will rather move away. As Retriever temperament is really amazing, you will get the best dog in a house, if you want a great pet your children will be able to play with and what is more, playing with animals will also help them become more self-confident, sociable and emotionally stable and intelligent.

Obedient Golden Retriever temperament

It is really interesting how these children characteristics are almost the same as if I would be describing my Kai and Delta. They are just the same – extremely intelligent and self-confident dogs and never timid. As they are very active, they need plenty of outdoor activities and regular walks, at least 2 or 3 times a day at the same time. Speaking generally, consistency is welcome also with dogs, not just with children, as your Golden Retriever will therefore have more calmness and balance and will not be nervous.

These kindly creatures are also very trusting and gentle, that is why you certainly will not want to have such pet for a guard dog, although you will hear them barking loud, when they sense danger or a stranger who is moving around your house at night. Golden Retriever temperament is also very vivid, but since they are pleased to obey by nature, you will not have troubles when training them obedience. All in one, if you would like to have very lovable, loyal, sensitive pet with self-confidence which is obedient, kind to children and loves outdoor activities, choose Retrievers, as this breed will never let you down.

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