Golden Retriever grooming

Not many people know how important it is to groom a dog, no matter whether he has long or short hair and no matter whether he is an outside or an inside dog. Both of my two Golden Retrievers are dogs with longer hair and they enjoy regular grooming, as Golden Retriever grooming has many benefits and represents an integral part of your pet’s enjoyable life together with the rest of the family members. Would you believe that grooming can represent a very beautiful part of each dog’s life, but only if you do not make it as an interruption for your dog. Surely, it will definitely take you some time and also your effort, but you can be sure that it will pay you off. Since my Delta and Kai (our Golden Retrievers) really enjoy trimming and the rest activities of the grooming process, such as brushing, nail trimming and also bathing, we have already managed to make these necessities for the integral part of their lives. But not just my Goldens, my Beagle too enjoys regular brushing, as this has helped us all to achieve greater bonds.

Golden Retriever grooming

Do not worry, if your Golden Retrievers will not like brushing at first, as all they need is a little time and plenty of your patience to get used to it and eventually they will definitely appreciate all your affection and attention. It is, however, not so easy to make a puppy enjoy grooming, so you will probably need a bit more patience and positive energy. One of the greatest benefits of Golden Retriever grooming is also the health reason, since you can discover ticks, fleas, lumps and tender areas that need special medical treatment. Golden Retriever grooming, such as trimming, will require a couple of supplies, such as a brush, a comb, a pair of straight-edged scissors and nail-cutters, also a pair of rhinning-scissors. But do not be afraid of having to do all the job at once, as you can do the trimming in a couple of sessions, which will not only be good for you and your patience, but also for your dog’s patience.

Paw Golden Retriever grooming

Choosing proper supplies for your Golden Retriever brushing is crucial for brushing him properly therefore you will have to use basic slicker brush, as it is really the best for removing the hair, dead hair and the loose undercoat. Regular grooming, such as brushing is also important, if you do not want your dog to shed too much in the spring and fall and it will also help him feel better in the summer season. Golden Retriever grooming also requires trimming excess hair between your dog’s pads and also trimming of the hair on the top of his ears. You must also pay attention of his hair mats, as you must remove them; the same goes with tangles.

Nice Golden Retriever grooming

Another special grooming process which you must not forget about, is regular nail trimming, which has many benefits, as trimming nails helps him feel greater foot comfort, which also means that your Goldens will be more active. As for bathing, you must know that your Goldens love water, swimming and other water activities, but bathing can represent a trouble at first. You can beat your Golden retriever hesitation with some coaxing; the same did I when my dogs were still young. There are many benefits of bathing, such as that your dog will not smell, you will be able to eliminate ticks and fleas and help him clean bacteria. And above all; bathing, the same as nail trimming, brushing and hair trimming, can bond you even greater.

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