Golden retriever facts

Long ago before I actually got my Golden Retriever puppy, I had gathered all available Golden Retriever facts about this breed, because I wanted to be prepared for our new family member and give him the best care he deserved. Not only did I talk to people, mostly my friends who already had this breed, but I also read magazines for dog owners, I also borrowed all available books about this breed and about breeding dogs. language translate I even went to the animal shelter and spend five hours a week with this type of breed, took them for a walk, I also brought all of my family members with me to get to know Golden Retriever thoroughly before we actually got one in our house. Golden Retriever facts that I found while doing my private research on this breed, included not just their origin, but I also found out Golden Retriever information on these topics:

  • how long does this breed live
  • what his character is
  • what type of people personality is the best to get Golden Retrievers
  • how big do Golden retrievers get and how long do they live
  • why does this breed love to swim

Golden retriever facts

And there are also many other facts which were not written anywhere, but I managed to learn from people that already got goldens. I will cover some of them in this post, while some of them in another one, which will follow soon after this one. Goldens are in the second place of most wanted breeds in the world to have as a pet. I came to many conclusions which I believe are actually common Golden Retriever facts that I think are worth to share with you and to help you in deciding whether a Golden Retriever is really a breed you want to have in your house together with your children and other family members.

There is plenty of Golden Retriever information about their origin and if you did not know it before, this breed originates from England, but the first retrievers came to England from Labradorian Coast and Newfoundland somewhere in the 19th century and there were two types of retrievers described in the literature.  The first one was Newfoundland dog (or Labrador), while the other was called St. John’s Labrador or Labrador Spaniel. The word retriever originates from the English word “to retrieve” and it literary means to retrieve animals, like wildfowl and birds which fell into water. Golden Retriever facts which I managed to find in books and other literature covering this breed also show that this type of breed is good for beginners, people whi have never had dogs before.

Amazing golden retriever facts

He loves pools, lakes, the sea and all places where there is water, that is why I have hard time keeping my Golden Retriever away from water. Golden Retriever breed was acknowledged as a breed in England in 1913, when they crossed over a so called Water Spaniel, an Irish Setter, a Bloodhound and a Yellow Labrador. Lord Tweedmouth was the one who created this breed. Golden Retriever’s shoulder height is 56-61 cm in shoulders (22-24 inches) for males and for females 51-56 (22-23 inches).

He has smooth hair with a weather-resistant undercoat, so that he can also swim in the water. The color of his coat is cream or golden, with a small single marking in the chest, which is still allowed. This dog is not given to barking much, that is why so many people love this breed. What is more, his character is sociable, intelligent, he is very self confident and has an extreme memory. He is also sensitive and adapts well to many situations. They live up to 10-13 years, while his life span usually depends on exercise, his genetics, preventive health care and also on nutrition. People who want to have goldens, must also be intelligent, calm, with great sense of humor, very patient, active and they must love outdoor activities.

As far as training is concerned about, you will be very pleased to know these golden retriever facts; this dog learns quickly and once he learns something, he remembers this for the rest of his life. Since these dogs are intelligent and sensitive, you should never treat them harshly. There are still many other facts I want to share with you about Golden Retrievers, so be back in two days, when I’m going to post another article about goldens.

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