French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are among the breed of pups known for their excellent temperament and great bloodline. This only means that these can be kept as pets at your home. As the product of quality and top breeding, French bulldogs are superbly pretty and excellent for their personalities. As long as you take the effort and the time to ensure that they are socialized, they are expected to behave the best way possible.

Among the highly regarded dogs these days, French bulldogs really are amazing because they are loyal and devoted to their owners. However, they may demonstrate some sort of possessiveness toward their owners. The impressive thing about them is that they are clown and they are mischievous in character.

Known for their intelligence and brilliance, they easily can learn new set of skills right away. But, be extra careful not to subject them to exercises that may only complicate their health. For adult French bulldogs and puppies, they each can be subjected to strenuous exercises. One of these exercises is known as excessive jumping or running. This is due to the reason that French bulldogs usually have respiratory problems. Thus, it is essential to ensure that they are not exposed to weather conditions.


In addition, French bulldogs can be friendly and politely reserved. They also bark to let their owners know about the visitors around. Even when introduced to other pets, they can act peacefully and comfortably. For anyone interested in taking good care of bulldogs, take note that the task can be as challenging and stubborn as it is.

But, you will notice that they can easily respond to your command and they can be patient along the way. Snuffling, flatulence and snorting are commonly observed among French bulldogs.

If you will also take your French puppy to a swimming pool, you need to be extra careful. It is not capable of swimming and it may accidentally drown as it falls into a pool.

French bulldogs are among the favorites of people because of the following:

  • Smallish but are Sturdy

  • Possessing big expressive eyes

  • Possessing an easy-care coat with many of its colors

  • Polite and charming to everyone and to other pets

  • Love to chase balls and play games

  • Do not need a lot of exercise

During the winter season, it is suggested to buy some dog coats and ensure that your house is heated. Do not also let them go out into the winter and cold nights without proper supervision or protection. In the summer season, ensure that they will be kept exactly in a shaded area.

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