How to Name Your Female Dog

Are you thinking of adopting a dog? Well then, you’re going to need a name! You will probably have your dog for many years, so it’s important that you pick a name that you like, and that you can stick with! The name you pick for your dog should be a name that your dog can easily recognize and understand, but you also might want a name that’s popular and fun! There are a few things that you should consider, as well as tips and tricks you should use, when naming your female dog.

Although you definitely want to pick a name that you like, a crucial factor in choosing your female dog’s name is picking a name that she can recognize, and remember. This doesn’t mean you have to pick a super-short, one-syllable name! But, you should stay away from extremely long, complicated names. If your dog can’t distinguish her name from the rest of your sentence, she won’t be able to respond to you. Simple names with a couple of syllables, such as Daisy or Bella, are ideal for helping your new dog respond to you.

Once you have a list of dog names that are simple enough for your new dog to understand, you can start picking some names from that list that you personally like! You might want a cute name that your kids will like, such as Daisy. Maybe you want to name your dog based on color, in which case you might want to name a chocolate Labrador retriever Brownie, or name a white dog Snow. If you want to use your new dog’s name to memorialize your dog that has passed away, you can use your deceased dog’s name for inspiration! If your dog was named something with a Christmas theme, like Snowflake, maybe your new dog can be named a related name, like Holly.

If you’re having trouble brainstorming a name (it actually is harder than it seems!) consider just choosing a popular dog name that others have recommended! Like baby names, female dog names have different trends, and different names are popular from year to year. In 2013, for example, the top ten names for female dogs were Bella, Lucy, Bailey, Daisy, Lilly, Molly, Lola, Maggie, Sadie, and Chloe. Some of these names, like Bailey, Bella, and Sadie, were in the top ten lists in the preceding years, and are still popular this year. So far, the top female dog names for 2014 alone include Luna, Piper, Willow, Marley, Layla, Nala, Athena, Cali, Maya, and Charlie. Although the lists do vary year to year, some all-time popular dog names that you  might use for inspiration in naming your own dogs are Coco, Maggie, Ginger, Sasha, Madison, Penny, Lady, and Stella; and, as mentioned before, Bailey, Bella, Sadie, and Daisy.

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