Essentials for keeping a healthy and happy cat

A cat is a wonderful animal to pet. This easy-to-care animal is apparently very peaceful, affectionate and entertaining. It needs little care and lesser attention than other pets.

There are hundreds of cat breeds available as pets. Breeds like British Shorthair, American Shorthair, Abyssinian, Sphynx, Scottish Fold, Barman, Manx, Devon Rex and many others are very popular across the globe. One can choose the most attractive one after thorough research on the Internet or after a discussion with an expert. Most of these cats are the direct descendents of wild cats, hence biologically, and behaviorally they show some sort of wilderness. Such wilderness is not harmful for the owners or their family members, and the most positive aspect of domestic cats is that they are trainable. Moreover, certain characteristics like using an automatic cat litter box or tendency of staying indoors most of the time occur in them naturally. So, as a pet there is nothing negative in this wonderful animal.

Essentials for keeping the pet healthy and happy:

Keeping a cat healthy and happy needs some knowledge about the pet’s behavior, understanding of its gestures, proper training and some other essential measures as depicted here:

  • Keep the pet in a hygienic environment- The cat will roam around naturally. But it’s feasible to keep it indoors or within the house and garden area only. Using a cat carrier while transporting is a good habit too. All these help the owner to keep it neat and clean. Hygiene for the pet cat should always be the top priority.
  • Health check-up and vaccination are essential- Pet cat needs regular health check-up. Like any other family member, the pet cat too needs medical care to stay fit. It’s better to keep in touch with a veterinarian and in case such experts are not available, owners can take help of animal shelters, the Internet or neighbors who already have pet animals.
  • Let them use a hygienic litter box: Cats are naturally clean and tidy. Most of them instinctively use a litter box, the owner just needs to show the box for some days. These days, an automatic cat litter box is available on the market, which has automatic washing device to maintain utmost hygiene. Cats value privacy, so it’s convenient to place the box in a quiet spot. 
  • Regular grooming: Cats require little attention as far as their grooming is concerned. Cats spend much of their time in self-grooming, however a bit of grooming from the owner is always required. It includes regular brushing, bathing and pedicure. Regular brushing keeps their skin and coats healthy, prevents matting and reduces hairballs. Though they are not fond of water, but once habituated, they don’t object to bathing and washing, which are essential to keep their hair and skin free from germs and mites. Pedicure, on the other hand, helps in keeping their nails clean.
  • Playing with them is essential: Cats often entertain owners and themselves, but regular play sessions with the pet will provide them the physical and mental stimulation that leads to strong bondage between the owner and the pet. Different types of toys are available in the pet centers; otherwise, there are plenty of unused articles available in a household like balls, bags, balloons along with many other things, which serve as perfect toys for them.


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