Dog Sitting Solutions and How to Prepare

Do you need to go on a business trip or vacation, but can’t take along your canine buddy? Dog sitting may be the best solution to ensure that they get the attention they deserve. The following tips will help ensure that your treasured family member is in good hands while you’re away.

Qualities of a Great Dog Sitter

Find someone who you trust to help calm your dog if they are anxious when you leave, says Allen Ciociola from the Canine Casbah Pet Sitting in Marco Island Florida. When it comes to dog sitting, you also want to consider the demeanor and energy level of both dog and the sitter. For example, you don’t want to leave a hyperactive dog with an elderly family member who doesn’t have the physical ability to deal with an energetic pet. Other than that the most important qualities of a great dog sitter are that they come highly recommended if you hire a service. If you have friend or family member dog sit, make sure that you can depend on them to provide loving, attentive care.


Make sure that the person who will be dog sitting for you understands your pets needs and that you can count on them to adhere to your rules when it comes to their care and treatment. For instance, if your dog is used to being taken on a walk every morning, make sure that the sitter can do the same. A good tip for dog owners, however is that you change their routines once in a while, along with changing their environment (take them on a short hike instead of just walking through the neighborhood). We all need mental and physical stimulation – and this includes your dog. Changing things up on a regular basis will help ensure that your pet can better handle change when you can’t be with them.

Put Together a Checklist

Be sure to put together a thorough checklist for your pet sitter. Examples of important information to have on the checklist include any medications your dog takes and how often to give it to them, your vet’s phone number, address, the information for a nearby 24-hour emergency clinic, etc. You’ll also want to let the sitter know about any allergies your dog has, their feeding schedule, how often to provide them with clean water (and to make sure they always have water available), to avoid giving them human food, how often they should get a treat, etc. Basically, provide them with any information that will ensure that your dog is as happy and content as possible while you’re away.

Dog Sitting vs. Dog Boarding

It’s obviously the better option to leave your dog in a situation where their routines aren’t interrupted, whether you have a friend or family member watch your dog or hire a dog sitting service. A professional dog sitting service will offer higher quality care in an environment that will cause less stress for your pet. If your dog has special needs, you should definitely consider a pet sitter so that their habits and comfort level aren’t effected and they receive special attention. Dog boarding can be a decent option if you can find a reliable one, however, they will have an effect on your dog’s routines and can end up exposing them to contagious illnesses.

If you take all of the dog sitting recommendations listed here into consideration, you can enjoy worry free travels by ensuring that your dog will be well cared for and happy while you’re away.

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