Dog Names

One of the most discussed topics on the internet today is bothered on dog names. The reason for this is that dog names are fun. They are so much fun to choose and discuss. It does not feel good when someone takes a look at your dog and ask for its name and when you reply they just say that it is not a befitting name for your dog. A dog’s name is expected to be suitable to the dog that is given the name.


Certain names at are suitable for some breeds just as certain names are not suitable for some dogs. A boxer dog will always look like a champ or a butch. The reason for this is not very clear but it is an example of a name that suits some breed of dogs.

Some individuals choose a name for their dog before they ever set their eyes on the dog to be named. This is not very fashionable because the names given to a dog will be influenced by its personality, behavior or by its face. Certain dog names have the feeling of energy or sound. If your dog is an apathetic, slow moving, laid back dog, some names will not be suitable to them, except you want to make a statement.


Choosing a name for the dog before seeing it will not work in this case and you may not know this until you have taken the dog home. If your dog is a floppy, goofy type of dog or puppy, then some names will be more suitable.

It is a good idea to ask the opinion of others about what name to give to your dog. When people see pictures of your new dog or come over to see your new dog, find out their opinion of what name will be perfect for your dog.

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