Dog coats for winter

Dogs have a natural fur to keep them warm but sometimes this is not enough for our furry friends during the cold winter months of the UK, especially smaller dogs such as Chihuahuas and toy terriers as their fur is just not capable of withstanding the cold weather as other larger dogs might be able to do. For example Newfoundland dogs that were originally bread in Canada so they could endure the cold weather are able much able to cope with the cold British conditions during winter time compared with Chihuahuas who are originally from Mexico and are much more likely to freeze instead. However with many dog coats for winter now available in the online pet market and the growing demand for us to dress up our pets, finding the best dog coats to fit your dog can be hard to discover.


There are many different variations of dog coats from small to larger breeds and with most coats coming in a range of materials from wool to fleece as well as a diverse selection of styles. You can obtain traditional dog coats that cover your dog’s body and are quite unrestricted for your dog. These coats typically come in woollen and leather styles but other materials can be found from online dog boutiques.

You can also find specifically designed waterproof coats for your dog and these don’t have to be boring type of dog coats but come in available in various bright colours just like humans coats!

There are also various dog boutiques online offering a range of fashionable hooded designer cosy coats. Just because your dog needs a coat for necessity reasons doesn’t mean your pooch can’t look stylish whilst doing it. Or why not take it up a step and let your dog look super cool in a biker jacket and allow them to really look the part when out cruising. However if you have a more sensitive dog then you can always invest in an anxiety dog coat. These are designed to keep you little one warm but also help them with any anxiety fears they may have such as loud noises.

Whatever the style of the material of the coat you decide to buy for your dog, the most important thing to remember is that they warm and comfortable in what they wear and they are not in any way restricted. This can lead to a very unhappy dog which defeats the object of purchasing them a dog coat in the first place.


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