Why Dog Adoption Is Right For Your Family

So as a family, you have all agreed it is time to add a new four-legged furry friend into the mix. You have discussed the various responsibilities and challenges that come with owning a new dog and you are ready as a family to take on this new and exciting challenge.


Before you commit to going out and getting a new puppy, it is important to consider the possibility of adult dog adoption. Over six million dogs are euthanized in the United States annually and adult dogs are at a higher risk. The only hope for shelter dogs lies in the patience of a family that cares and wants to adopt. Of course, there are many other benefits of choosing to rescue an adult dog over getting a puppy from a breeder that you should also consider.

  1. Skip those puppy problems

Sometimes it seems like the only reason puppies are allowed to be as adorable as they are is to make up for the fact that their behavior is downright terrible. These little balls of fluff can really cause a ruckus at all hours. And as they grow, everything in sight can be a chew toy to relieve discomfort from teething.  When you adopt an adult dog, you skip over the hectic puppy period. Plus, they’re still cute all grown-up.

  1. What you see is what you get

Adopting an adult dog gives you and your family complete control over choosing just whom you are taking home. Shelters get to know the dog’s personality during their time there, so a shelter trainer can help point you in the direction of a canine that will be the perfect fit for your family. This is not only for your benefit, but in the best interest of the dog as well. So whether you know you want a smaller pup, one with short hair, or one with the energy to keep up with your kids, there’s a perfect option waiting for you.

  1. It’s the frugal choice


While adoption rates vary from shelter to shelter, generally speaking, adoption is much more cost-friendly than purchasing a pure bred puppy. And that is even if you disregard price variances between adoption fees. The difference is, dogs adopted from shelters all come with updated shots, have been altered, are heartworm negative and on preventative care medications. With a puppy, you’re responsible for getting all of this done as well as the various shots puppies must get throughout their youth. With an adult dog, there are just their annual checkups, which include updating shot records, and vet bills that come along with the general responsibility of dog ownership. Furthermore, by adopting an adult dog over a puppy, you will significantly reduce the amount of belongings you’ll have to replace. You’ll just have to trust us on that one.


  1. Rescue dog bond


Finally, there is a bond that rescue dogs get with their families that cannot be rivaled. Once a rescue dog is attached to its new family, they adapt to an attitude where they consistently need to please their new people so they feel secure in their new home. These dogs truly appreciate the comfort and safety you provide for them, while you in turn truly appreciate their love and loyalty.


If you are in New Braunfels or the Hill Country area, and you think adopting a dog is the right option for your family, check out these dogs available for adoption currently being cared for at Lara’s Canine Solutions.

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