How to name your cat

If you have pets, you already know that they have an important place in your life, and therefore you care about every little detail of their lives. The first important decision that you need to take when you have a pet is to choose the name. Some people know for sure what will be the name, while others will need more information regarding this matter. If you are from the latter category, then you will need some tips concerning the male cat name and the female cat name.

The first step when you want to name your cat is to determine its gender. In this way you will be absolutely sure that you choose the right name. Otherwise, your tom cat may get a female cat name, or otherwise. Once you know the gender, you will be able to think about specific cat names.

If you are reading this, it means that you want something original, and not some name that is overused by cat owners. Even if you want a certain name, keep in mind that the name should be chosen according to your pet’s personality and shape. If you are out of inspiration, you can choose a name according to a particular marker that is found on its body. Keep in mind that everyone from the family should have a say in naming the family pet, and therefore you should consult them before making a decision.

In order to choose the right name, make a list with all the possible names, which can be chosen after its personality, its looks, or after a mythological character, or maybe a cartoon character. The possibilities are endless, and therefore you will have to narrow down the list. Make sure that you write on the list every suggestion, and then the entire family may participate at the selection process. It may become a funny activity.

Now that you know more about how to choose a cat’s name, no matter if it is a female cat name or a male cat name, it is essential to keep in mind that you should avoid people name. If you receive the cat with a given name, you should keep that name. Otherwise, it might get confused.

Cats are smart animals, and therefore you need to choose carefully, and make sure that whatever name you choose, you will have to complement your pet.

Female cat name suggestions: Mittens, Lily, Snowball, Kiki, Kiara, Maisy, Buttons, Buttercup, Daisy, Waffles, Misty, Sparkle, Lexi, Luna, Tippy.

Male cat name suggestions: Toby, Milo, Blade, Garfield, Whiskers, Oreo, Simba, Felix, Smudge, Oscar, Gus, Loki, Tommy.


As you can see, there are many possibilities, and therefore you can choose something original and innovative, or you can go with something more traditional and cute. Therefore, you can choose a day dedicated to this activity that should become a family activity. Make sure to keep your cat in the room while you are all trying to choose the perfect name.

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