Cat Car Decals

Cat Decals Greek is a website that is dedicated to die cut stickers and vinyl decals. Even though they are meant for cars, these decals can really be used just about anywhere. They are designed to be unique and awesome decals which are not very popular. They were tired of watching Calvin peeing on a Chevy or Ford symbol, NASCAR numbers or those unpleasant stick figure families which every big butt short-haired minivan mom wanted. They believed they could produce some nice decals which people will love pasting on their car windows.


There are tons of categories which they have and they are increasing the number of decals on a daily basis.

How to apply:

  1. Wipe the surface to paste the decal with soap and water or alcohol.
  2. With the use of a credit card or a squeegee, press firmly on the decal to make sure that it sticks to the application transfer paper.
  3. Gradually peel off the paper backing from the decal.
  4. Apply decal to neat areas while pressing firmly with the use of credit card or squeegee.
  5. Gradually peel off the transfer. Maintain care that you do not pull away the decal from the cleaned area. If the decal begins to pull off, the repeat step.
  6. Admire you effective and quality decal.

Cat car decals are a proud company in Michigan that sells really nice decals across the world. If you have an idea to give to them, they will be glad to hear them (

Whenever you need a sticker or a custom vinyl car decals, you can always turn to them. Let know exactly what you are looking for and they will offer their assistance.

They are also into graphics and custom decals for almost anything you can think up. Give them a call and tell them the type of custom decal you want.

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