Caring for Your Vizsla Puppy

A Vizsla puppy is a beautiful dog with high energy, lots of loyalty and extreme intelligence. They make great companions to people who prefer an active lifestyle and they are usually a very gently pup. If you have recently brought home one or more vizsals puppies then you have probably already realized how easy it is to train them, but here are a few additional tips just in case:

Tip 1: Vizslas are known for being very high energy pups. Make sure to exercise your dog daily with long and brisk walks or games of fetch in open fields. Without at least an hour a day of vigorous exercise, your dog might become destructive.

Tip 2: Vizslas puppies like to chew on toys while they are alone. Leave lots of chew toys out and about for your pup to amuse himself with throughout the day, as the alternative may mean he chews on shoes and furniture. Remember that chewing is a natural activity for dogs and should be encouraged properly.

Tip 3: Since Vizslas are so intelligent they are fairly easy to train. Try teaching your dog some basic commands such as “sit” and “stay.” Often these dogs are so eager to please their owners that they take to these simple commands quite quickly.

Tip 4: The Vizsla is a very social dog who enjoys human interaction and companionship. Create a sleeping space (whether a bed or a crate) for your dog near where you are so he will not feel alone. Vizslas also like to accompany family members all throughout the house. Be prepared for this.

Tip 5: Try to feed your Vizsla dog a high-quality, protein-based diet to keep him in the best shape possible.

By preparing yourself and your family members beforehand and establishing ground rules, you will likely have a very enjoyable experience owning Vizslas puppies. They are fairly easy to care for and will provide you with companionship, loyalty and friendship for years to come.

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