Taking Care of your German Shepherd’s teeth

Having a German Shepherd at home is a true blessing as this breed of dog is known for its loyalty. It is an operating dog that is used in commonly used in rescue operations and armed forces. While having a pet is a nice idea, at the same time, it is important to take proper care of the dog to ensure its wellbeing. It is significant to take a proactive approach towards your canine’s health. Not only the over health, but the teeth of the dog is important. Clean teeth are very important and it extends its life.

The German shepherd Teeth Care is very important. If the dog’s gums are not healthy, it sends health signals that need to be kept in mind. A quick check can find out if the dog is suffering from any dental ailments. Regular visits to the vet can ensure preventing any serious dental issue. Following are some of the ways to ensure proper German shepherd dental care.


# Cleaning the teeth

The chances of developing periodontal disease or gum disease are high in almost 75 percent middle aged dogs. The major reason behind the same is the progressive tartar build up. With right and timely dental care, this problem can be prevented to a significant extent. The food chosen for the dog must be such that tartar build up is not too much. Regular cleaning routine can also avoid tarter build up. It is important to avoid the onset of gum disease as it may result in heart problems. If the tartar build up is more than normal, a quick visit to the veterinarian is a must.

# Proper Brushing

It is important that the teeth of the dog are brushed minimum two times in a week. A small sized toothbrush can be used for this purpose. These days, dog toothpaste is easily available in the market or a vet’s clinic. A complete kit containing paste and brush can also be picked from the pet store. The focus must be on the back teeth while brushing. It is usually seen that upper, back teeth are left out while brushing. Thus, brush that can be easily maneuvered should be used.

# Dry Food for your dog

In order to ensure perfect German shepherd’s teeth care, it is recommended to give dry food to the dog as feeding this food is quite good for the teeth because of its mild abrasive action. Regular brushing must still be continued.

# Chewable Bone Treats

Hard bone or rawhide “bones” treat are good for the dog as it helps in keeping the teeth reasonably clean. Also, chewy treats offers massage effect ensuring healthy gums. The dog also gets jaw exercise which is important for overall dental health. The dogs can also be given natural teeth cleaner, that is, allowing it to chew on meaty bones, like turkey necks can prove to be highly effective in keeping its teeth clean and gums healthy.

Using the above mentioned tips for German shepherd teeth care can ensure healthy teeth and gums.

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