Boston university mascot

Mascots are loved by virtually everyone for the fun and excitement they bring to the game especially with their half-time performances. The history of mascots is definitely diverse but one common thing about these guys is the love people have for them even when the mascot is of an opposing team. Mascots are not only meant to entertain the spectators, they also serve as iconic figures for the team, their supporters, and even the opponents, as they are the first members of the team seen even before the main team steps on the pitch.


Different teams choose different animals for their mascots with each mascot or animal chosen representing what the team stands for. Just as the University of Indianapolis chose the Greyhounds to be their mascot, other colleges have also chosen different animals to represent them, with the Boston University mascot being the Boston terrier.

As mentioned earlier, mascots are chosen as a representation of what the team or institution stands for which explains the choice of terrier as the mascot for the Boston University. Otherwise known as the “little gentlemen”, this breed of dog is known for being a protective companion and having a rich personality.

The Boston University is known for its prestige which explains why the terrier breed was chosen over other dog breeds. Just as charity begins at home, it only made sense for the university to choose the city’s breed to be their mascot.

The Boston mascot university comes in two colors – scarlet and white, making it one of “brightest-looking” mascots in the whole of United States of America. Other great and popular mascots in the US include the Washington Huskies, the Great Dane of the University of Albany, the Saint Bernard of Sienna College, and the Greyhounds of the University of Indianapolis.

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