Best dogs for children

I was surprised when I heard that there are many people who are still prejudiced about children and dogs playing and living together in the same house. Some even think that best dogs for children do not exist. domain whois information If only they knew how much could their kids benefit from having an animal in the house and learning how to take care for them! Since we have three dogs and I have children on my own, I can not imagine my kids not having a dog for a playmate.

It is commonly known that dogs and children can easily become best friends, especially if you and your children obey some basic rules and if you adopt a pet for your child among best dogs for children; finally, you probably won’t select a Bull Terrier, especially if you have never had a dog in your house before and you do not have enough experiences with raising dogs. When selecting best dogs for your children, you must first ask yourself these six main questions:

Best dogs for children

  • Do you actually want an adult dog or you would rather have a puppy?
  • What do you expect from your child to be able to do for a dog or a puppy?
  • Do you want a dog or a puppy be an assistant at raising up your children?
  • What rank will a dog or a puppy have in your family?
  • Will your kid be allowed to sleep with a dog in a bed?
  • Will you allow your child to eat together with a dog at the table?

Believe me or not, but almost any dog can become the best dog for your kid. If you are wondering whether to adopt a pet that is young or adult, you must know that choosing puppies is not always the best, as you do not know what character is this puppy going to have, while with an adult dog you already know this. That is the reason why I would rather suggest you to choose an adult one, which is patient, friendly and have enough temperament to match your child’s temperament.

Labradors and Goldens are really the best dogs for children, as they are very temperament, smart, friendly and considered to be great family dogs. Beagles and Poodles too can be great for your children, the same as Cairn Terriers and small sized dogs which love to play. Sheetland Sheepdogs are also best dogs for children, because they are very calm, gentle and will never harm your child without any very obvious reason.

The best dogs for children

But keep in mind that you should never, really never left your kid alone with a pet while playing together, because an animal is still an animal and you can never know when your child is going to make any sudden or uncontrolled move, which could scare a pet. There are three more best breeds for children that I must mention and they are Miniature Schnauzers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bulldogs. The last ones may seem a bit rough, but they have lower energy level and are therefore great for kids who are not that much active, while Miniature Schnauzers are very cute and may seem as a toy for some children.

Another great thing when deciding for a puppy or an adult pet is to know that your new family member with four legs can get extremely protective towards your kid, which can sometimes not be a very good thing, especially when this protectiveness is too extreme. Just keep in mind that having a pet in your house can do a great benefit to emotional intelligence of your child and everything is going to be fine; trust your instinct and you will definitely choose the right pet.

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