Benefits of Choosing a Dog Sitter Instead of a Traditional Kennel when Traveling

Choosing a dog sitter Marco Island instead of a traditional kennel when travelling will always be a better option to consider by a dog owner. Especially because of the professional care given by a dog sitter, you will never ever worry about being miles away from your pet again.


For pets, the various benefits will include of the following:

  • Staying at home in her or his secure and safe environment
  • Being surrounded by familiar smells, sounds and sights
  • Following her or his regular exercise routine and diet
  • Having a play time
  • Receiving personal attention and love
  • Maintaining medical treatment, especially when required
  • Having someone who is responsible in doing the pet chores especially during emergency situations
  • Eliminating the trauma of unfamiliar environment or travel
  • Helping that ensures good health without any exposure to other parasites or illnesses of animals

For pet parents, they will enjoy the many benefits that will often include the following:

  • Peace of mind in knowing that pets are in loving and caring hands
  • Having the self-confidence that the pet sitter will be able to deal with other significant issues like vet visits and grooming
  • Not having to inflict an obligation on neighbors, friends and family
  • Feeling that your home will be more secure

In addition to that, a lot of dogs find traditional kennels to be very stressful because they do not get the attention and love they need which they found at home. In addition to that, they are more exposed to certain diseases. This only means to say that your dogs need to be vaccinated first before you drop it off to a traditional kennel. There is still a need to ensure that your dog has been vaccinated for kennel cough.

The cost of a traditional kennel is also expensive. It will be a better idea to choose a dog sitter that proves to be disadvantageous than a traditional kennel. If you really are a passionate animal lover, nothing will make your dog happier than a dog sitter.

A lot of pet owners would love the best care for their pets that comes from the use of a responsible, educated and professional pet sitter. At Canine Casbah, that loving care for your pet will always be provided. Only experienced, professional and loving pet sitting can also be expected. Actually, the owners are interested to share their affection and love with other pets. They are experienced and trusted and they welcome pets of all ages and weights.

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