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Best dogs for children

I was surprised when I heard that there are many people who are still prejudiced about children and dogs playing and living together in the same house. Some even think that best dogs for children do not exist. domain whois … Continue reading Continue reading

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How to choose the right dog?

I would like to share with you my experience of finding a perfect breed for me and my family. It was 6 years ago, when our last dog died and my family and I were deciding for a new one. … Continue reading

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Golden retriever facts

Long ago before I actually got my Golden Retriever puppy, I had gathered all available Golden Retriever facts about this breed, because I wanted to be prepared for our new family member and give him the best care he deserved. … Continue reading

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How to train a puppy not to bite

If you would like to learn how to train a puppy not to bite and breed it into an obedient pet, then this article will show you two helpful and effective tricks which you can try right away. After continuing … Continue reading

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