3 Home Alternatives For Geckos

There are several home choices which you might want to think about when looking to purchase a Gecko. You should ensure the home choice you choose is going to be acceptable as it grows, and additionally that in the future it will be large enough for the Gecko.

You should take into consideration the habitat that Gecko’s would normally live in and attempt to mimic this as best you are able to. Additionally you should bear in mind that Gecko’s and other reptiles are nocturnal, so do not expect them to be energetic during the day. So it’s imperative that you know all about them before deciding that you would like to keep one. Gecko’s, although fairly simple to keep, can be very sensitive.


1) Exo Terra Glass Terrarium – This terrarium was designed by European herpetologists and is a great house for Geckos, the terrariums do change in size and may range from 30cmx30cmx30cm to 90cmx45cmx60cm, the perfect size for 1 gecko could be the 30cmx30cmx30cm, for 2 45cmx45cmx45cm and for 3 60cmx45cmx45cm. These terrariums also provide the additional attribute of opening front doors making it much more easy for feeding and care. You can always decide to find guidance from an expert like the Northern Gecko guidance team that will be pleased to help in the event you are in doubt about which particular size you need to buy.

2) Viv Exotic Wooden Vivariums – This sort of house will make an extremely appealing addition to your property, in addition to really being a perfect housing choice for the Gecko. There are several sizes available from 24 inch to 55 inch however, you’d actually be trying to keep 2 geckos in a 24 inch, 3 in a 36inch, 4 in a 48 inch and 5 in a 55 inch. The Viv Exotic vivariums arrive flat packed, but are simple to assemble, have a ventilation system that is integrated and toughened glass doors.

3) Zoo Med Reptibreeze Display Cage – This is an open air cage that will be an ideal home choice for Gecko’s, Species including Day Geckos and Crested Geckosare are ideally suited because of this cage. Designed especially for reptiles that are smaller, it’s made of corrosion resistant aluminium, has the additional bonus of looking fantastic and also has front opening doors to create feeding and care easier. The Reptibreeze cage arrives flat packed but is not difficult to gather and contains everything needed for building anticipate to get a screw driver that you should provide.

Remember the home is a tiny portion of the gear you’ll need to buy for you personally gecko/s, there certainly are several other reptile supplies which is needed like heat, lighting and gecko food. There are beginner kits available out there that may provide all of the gear you will need, so that it might be an idea to have a look in a starter kit to get a concept of just that which you are going to need.

The experts at Northen Gecko can offer guidance on a wide range of reptile enquiries and sells an extensive selection of beginner kits, heat mats, livefood, reptile food that is live, starter kits and vivariums.

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