Top Breeds for Allergies

If one of your dreams is to have a dog, but you think it’s impossible because you have allergies; think again. While no pup is 100 percent allergy free, there are many breeds with predictable coats which produce less dander then other breeds. Did you know it’s the skin dander attached to pet hair that causes the most allergies in humans. Yup, that’s the flaky stuff that makes you go ach-oo!

If you have allergies to pets it is super important to vacuum daily, and mop the floors, as well a dust the counters. Or stay at Canmore spa resorts, where they do the cleaning for you. If you do this daily it will prevent you from stirring up stagnant allergens. It is also an excellent idea to wash your dogs bed; and make your bed room and popular living spaces a dog-free area. The less exposure the allergy suffer has to the dog’s dander the better. If you miss connecting with your pet, it’s best to go in open areas (with lots of fresh air) to divert the dander from settling in your nostrils.

Fabric should also be considered when living with you pet because certain fabrics hold more pet hair and dander than others. Wood and tile floors, and leather or vinyl furniture is a lost easier to clean then carpet and upholstered furniture. Also make an effort to avoid fabric curtains and heavy rugs.

Some people believe frequent bathing makes your pet less allergy inducing, however this is not the case. If your pet sheds, a bath will only loosen the hair, and actually promote shedding. A better method is brushing your dog daily (outside). After the brushing session, you can wipe the animal down with a damp close to remove any other allergens the dog may have collected. It’s important to groom your dog frequently, and even more important to have the non-allergic family members do the grooming.

Below are the top breeds for allergies:

  1. Bichon Frise
  2. Xoloitzcuintli
  3. Schnauzer
  4. Soft-coated Wheaten Terrior
  5. Kerry Blue Terrior
  6. Irish Spaniel
  7. Portuguese Water Dog
  8. Chinese Crested


Chinese Crested dog, hairless

Chinese Crested dog, hairless (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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